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Started playing flute and piano at the age of eight and afterwards studied music at the Frederik Chopins Music Lyceum in Cracow. After moving to Sweden in 1979 he has been involved in early 80s within the group of artists around Radium label in Gothenburg and from 1985 studied composition with Mikael Edlund, Bo Holten, Lars Johan Werle and Åke Parmerud at the State College of Music in Gothenburg, Sweden. Studied also aesthetics of modern music at the Department of Musicology, University of Gothenburg and computer music at the Chalmers University of Technology. After moving to Netherlands in 1990 he has studied sonology with among others Klarenz Barlow, Joel Ryan, Konrad Boehmer, Stan Templaars and Paul Berg at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Den Haag. He has also attended many summer master courses arranged by Centre Acanthes in Avignon and Aix-en-Provence, France, where he studied for among others Olivier Messiaen, Pierre Boulez, Iannis Xenakis and Georges Aperghis. He works actively as a composer of both instrumental music - has written among others two pieces for large orchestra, both performed by Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, several chamber music pieces which were performed by professional ensembles in Sweden, Poland, Holland, Germany, Spain, France New Zealand and Japan and many electroacoustic media compositions. Between 1986-89 he has actively worked as a composer in the computer music studios at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg and EMS (Electroacoustic Music Studio) in Stockholm. Between 1990-93 while he lived in Amsterdam he was closely associated with STEIM (Studio Elektro-Instrumentale Muziek) where he worked with development of interactive gesture sensing instruments and Electronic Music Studios at Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam where he composed electronic tape pieces. In 1994 he lived in Berlin where he worked as an artist in residence in Tacheles Kunsthaus developing several projects with experimental Berlin artists like Blixa Bargeld and Elektronauten. Since 1995 he is based in Tokyo, Japan where he collaborates closely with japanese avantgarde scene. He has extensively toured in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia and his music has been performed at several festivals.Besides working as a composer of contemporary music he has been collaborating with several experimental groups and artists like: The Hafler Trio, Blixa Bargeld, Merzbow, Stelarc, John Duncan, Aube, Tetsuo Furudate, CCCC, KK Null, Antimatter, Francisco Lopez, Kasper T. Toeplitz, Peter Rehberg, Li Chin Sung and has worked on remixing artists and bands like Iannis Xenakis, Clock DVA, Phauss, Jazzkammer, Florian Hecker, TV Pow, Rechenzentrum, Fred Bigot, Fear of God, Nosei Sakata and The New Blockaders. Between 1993 and 2002 he was a member of internationally aclaimed 'music/technology' group SENSORBAND with which he often performed network concerts via ISDN or internet (see.www.sensorband.com). He also composed 2 radio specific compositions (comissions from Ateliers de Creation Radiophonique - Maison de Radio France Paris and Radio Copernicus - Universitet der Kunste Berlin). He has as well written music for film, video, theatre and dance. His scores are published and distributet by STIM in Sweden and until today he has released more then 100 cds by labels all over the World. He is conviced that it is a responsibility of an artist in in the present day to travel and work around the World in order to learn and understand different cultures and traditions and discover truth about ourselves and our planet. He also strongly believes that geographical, political and social exile is a necessary condition for true and honest creation. He is not interested in the traditional definition of music, in his opinion, all musical theory and systems as cultural concepts must be destroyed. In his latest work, his main concern is to realize drama with sound - electronic and acoustic walls with the architectures of ruins transcribed in the scores. Accessed 30.10.06 from http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofileandfriendid=79013641
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Bad Bye Engine Vinyl LP Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg 1988 Sweden Edit
Disruptor CD OR 1997 England Edit
Or some computer music CD OR 1997 England Edit
END ID CD Digital Narcis 1997 Japan Edit
Datastream CD OR 1997 England Edit
Coalescence CD Alien 8 records 1998 Canada Edit
Voltage CD Bake 1998 Netherlands Edit
Mutation CD E.R.S Records 1998 Netherlands Edit
Locked Groove compilation CD E.R.S records 1998 Netherlands Edit
Area/Pulse CD Sonoris, France 1998 France Edit
Traceroute CD Ash R.I.P. 1998 England Edit
Nature Is Perverse compilation CD Fylkingen Records 1999 Sweden Edit
[R*] iso|chall CD Mego From the LP AIRWAVES, One Ten Records, 1977 SOME GENERALIZATIONS: This record is not an art object All the people on this record ore artists. Many of the artists present themselves in a gallery situation: live in performance, efectroni 1999 Austria Edit
Meltdown of Control CD Mort Aux Vaches/Staalplaat Netherlands 1999 Netherlands Edit
World as Will CD Staalplaat 2000 Netherlands Edit
SPL with MAZK CD OR 2000 England Edit
Waves and Radiation Soundwork - 2003 Poland Edit
One and many CD Sub Rosa SR214 2005 Belgium Edit
Field Composition 2006-05-05: Cut and Splice: Acousmonium, ICA London 2006 England Edit