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steve roden is a visual and sound artist from los angeles. his work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, film/video, sound installation, and performance. roden's working process uses various forms of specific notation (words, musical scores, maps, etc.) and translates them through self invented systems into scores; which then influence the process of painting, drawing, sculpture, and sound composition. these scores, rigid in terms of their parameters and rules, are also full of holes for intuitive decisions and left turns. the inspirational source material then becomes a kind of formal skeleton that the abstract finished works are built upon. in the sound works, singular source materials such as objects, architectural spaces, and field recordings, are abstracted through electronic processes to create new audio spaces, or 'possible landscapes'. the sound works present themselves with an aesthetic roden describes as lower case'' - sound concerned with subtlety and the quiet activity of listening. roden has been exhibiting his visual and sound works since the mid 1980's, and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally, including museums, galleries and arts spaces in usa, italy, france, japan, bulgaria, slovenia, england, etc. recent solo shows and projects include susanne vielmetter los angeles projects, nicole klagsbrun gallery new york, san francisco art institute mcbean gallery, fresno metropolitan museum of art and science, tang teaching museum skidmore college, gallery e/static torino and studio la citta verona italy.
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Secular Score KoDoMo Micro-Operas, University of California at 1988 USA Edit
Fable Music System M, 1989 USA Edit
Fragment of Gold CoCoRo Micro Opera SPARC, 1990 USA Edit
Quartet for Ants Electronic Cafe, , Live Transmission to San Francisco, Canada, and the Arctic Circle 1990 USA Edit
Introspective Retrospective Exhibition CE recordings 1991 USA Edit
Theme For Gunshots Electronic Cafe, Santa Monica, CA, January 1, Live Transmission to Tokyo Japan 1991 USA Edit
Fireworks System M, 1991 USA Edit
Fireworks Japan Tour: Fandangos, Osaka; Stage Senin, Sayama, Theatre Poo,Shinjuku, Tokyo 1991 Japan Edit
Heavan, Earth, Hell sound installation Sokol Hall , 1992 USA Edit
unknown Phosphor magazine, June, re: NPIB-1 1993 Netherlands Edit
Leda (the bride stripped bare) performance Nova Space, 1993 USA Edit
Network CD discus, uk Unknown Public 4 1994 England Edit
Daspairing..Horizontally...Vertically sound installation at the Bingo Building, 1995 USA Edit
Asphalt Opera #9 Zenko Temple, , 1995 Japan Edit
Two Pieces live performance radio KSPC, 1995 USA Edit
Ippirati Skuc Gallery 1995 Slovenia Edit
Hybrid Glaxa, 1995 USA Edit
So Low performance Huntington Beach Arts Complex, 1995 USA Edit
Communicating Vessels performance 1995 Japan Edit
Point of Yucca 2 CD yucca tree records 1996 Switzerland Edit
Listening Room Exhibition San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, 1996 USA Edit
The Radio comissioned micro-opera, broadcast Falkirk Cultural Center 1996 USA Edit
In A Small Place site specific performance 1996 USA Edit
Ngattaugree performance Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), 1996 USA Edit
Crop Circles sound installation Malibu Art Ranch, 1996 USA Edit
Listening Room recorded sound works, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, 1996 USA Edit
Are We Touched? Curation Huntington Beach Arts Center, Huntington Beach 1997 USA Edit
Ear as Eye Curation Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions 1997 USA Edit
Letre de Zombie City Contemporary Dance 18 Theatre, 1997 France Edit
unknown live improv. to silent movies Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), 1997 England Edit
unknown Boutiques des Luzarches, 1997 France Edit
Encounters in the Garden UK tour 1997 England Edit
Luminous performance Southern Exposure, 1997 USA Edit
Diamond Sea partial soundtrack Whitney Museum of American Art, 1997 USA Edit
Cloud Moving performance Institute of Contemporary Arts 1997 England Edit
Tulpas 5 CDs and Book SELEKTION 1998 Germany Edit
Vegetale Oscillations sound installation Market Gallery, 1998 USA Edit
Husk Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, 1998 USA Edit
Wheres John The Brewery Project, 1998 USA Edit
SoundWork Japan performances tour: 1998 Japan Edit
In Search of Snow sound installation Beyond Baroque, 1998 USA Edit
Hysteria installation Long Beach Museum of Art, 1998 USA Edit
All You Can Eat site specific installation Los Angeles Produce Market, 1998 USA Edit
unknown various sites, 1998 England Edit
vegetale oscillations Installation City Market, 1998 USA Edit
Site Of Sound Book Smart Art Press / Errant bodies, 1999 USA Edit
Observatory (gazing out the window) installation Beyond Baroque, 1999 Italy Edit
Heizlufter sound installation and performance 1999 Germany Edit
view Installation jennjoy gallery 1999 USA Edit
8 windows Installation university art museum 1999 USA Edit
observatory Installation , 1999 USA Edit
Static Curation Grand Central Arts 2000 USA Edit
unknown live radio performance Radio Liberte, 2000 France Edit
Light Structures film screening and live sound Cinema Nova 2000 Belgium Edit
Unfolding Resonance Hayward Gallery, 2000 England Edit
Water Temple Brazil performance tour: Centro Brasileiro Britânico, São Paulo; Museu de Arte da Pampulha, Belo Horizonte; Nação Pernambuco, Brasilia 2000 Brazil Edit
Architeturra sound performance Walker Art Center, 2000 USA Edit
Bricks and Drones performance Modified, 2000 USA Edit
hanging garden Installation pcc gallery, 2000 USA Edit
unknown performance University Art Museum, 2001 USA Edit
unknown performance and installation 2001 USA Edit
unknown Tonic 2001 USA Edit
unknown performance Mak Center for Art and Architecture, 2001 USA Edit
forms of paper Installation los angeles public library, hollywood branch, 2001 USA Edit
Moon Field Installation Stadtgalerie Saarbrucken 2002 Germany Edit
unknown performance and panel discussion Roccos, 2002 USA Edit
unknown performance Natoma, 2002 USA Edit
unknown performance Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, 2002 USA Edit
unknown performance The Outpost, 2002 USA Edit
unknown film and sound installation UCSB, 2002 USA Edit
unknown performance Extrapool, 2002 Netherlands Edit
light forms Installation Parochial, Singuhr - Horgalerie in Parochial, 2002 Germany Edit
music for clouds Installation A Year of Skies, e/static gallery, 2002 Italy Edit
view (third version) Installation Bard College, Annendale on 2002 USA Edit
the moon gatherers (third version) Installation Parochial, Singuhr - Horgalerie in Parochial, Berlin 2002 Germany Edit
Speak No More About the Leaves Download Modisti download 2003 USA Edit
The Figure Five residency Engine 27, 2003 USA Edit
unknown performance Bard College, 2003 USA Edit
unknown performance/talk Jack Straw New Media Gallery, 2003 USA Edit
unknown radio festival KUNM, 2003 USA Edit
A House in Waterproof Paper performance Otis Art Institute, 2003 USA Edit
unknown installation Beyond Baroque, 2003 USA Edit
unknown artist in residence and performance Theatre du Point Aveugle, 2003 France Edit
unknown film screening and performance Dundee Contemporary Arts, 2003 Scotland Edit
unknown performance Sun Valley Center for the Arts, 2004 USA Edit
Nest commissioned site specific sound installation 2004 USA Edit
unknown installation from residency Engine 27, 2004 USA Edit
unknown Parochial, Singuhr - Horgalerie in Parochial, 2004 Germany Edit
unknown performance Tang Teaching Museum, Skidmore College, 2004 USA Edit
sounding architecture Installation Serpentine Gallery, 2004 England Edit
ear(th) Installation Williamson gallery, art center college of design, 2004 USA Edit
stills (for guru dutt) Installation tang teaching museum, skidmore college, 2004 USA Edit
fulgurites Installation The Sculpture center 2004 USA Edit
airforms Installation scottsdale museum of contemporary art, 2004 USA Edit
unknown performance/artist talk Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art and Science, 2005 USA Edit
On the Boards performance 2005 USA Edit
unknown performance 2005 USA Edit
The Bells live soundtrack Otis Art Institute, 2005 USA Edit
unknown installation sound festival various sites, 2005 USA Edit
unknown Performance Serpentine Gallery, 2005 England Edit
suspension Installation mcclean gallery, 2005 USA Edit
Soundwalk Soundwalk - 2005 USA Edit
4mins 33secs (Schindlers House) Soundwork 2006 USA Edit
above the sand, flown and undone (levitation) Installation unknown 2006 Sweden Edit
finding words in notes (music for 6 hands) Installation Studio la citta, 2006 Italy Edit