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Keith Obadike was born in Nashville, TN. His mother worked as an administrator at the Post Office and his father (who studied briefly with inventor Buckminster Fuller) an electrical engineer from Nigeria. While growing up in Nashville, Keith studied classical piano, woodwinds and began programming BASIC on a TRS-80 computer. As a teenager he became a sought after sound designer and producer on the local hip-hop scene. He later joined the experimental, New York based Modern Hip-Hop Quartet as guitarist and producer. He was subsequently discovered by Kedar Massenburg (Motown Records president) and was signed to MCA records where he worked with RandB artist like D’Angelo and Angie Stone and Hip-Hop and performed in concert with Laruyn Hill/ the Fugees and P-Funk. He later met and was influenced by electronic music composers like Paul Lansky and Olly Wilson while working at Duke University. Keith went on to study painting and digital art at North Carolina Central University and later became the first African-American to earn an MFA in Sound Design from Yale University.
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      Worktype Info Year Country Admin
The Uli Suite Installation / CD> 1998 USA Edit
Automatic Installation Transmission festival 2000 chapel hill, nc 2000 USA Edit
sexmachines (for nam june paik and james brown) - 2000 USA Edit
untitled (the interesting narrative) a slide/audio installation fine arts building at north carolina central university 2000 USA Edit
The Sour Thunder Internet Opera Internet 2002 USA Edit
Twilight: Los Angeles 1992 Theatre Lincoln Center, New York 2003 USA Edit
The Pink of Stealth Internet/ DVD surround sound work New York African Film Festival and Electronic Arts Intermix 2003 USA Edit
TaRonda Who Wore White Gloves Installation / Album Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship 2005 USA Edit
Ya Heard: Sounds from the Artbase Curation and the New Museum of Contemporary Art 2005 USA Edit
Four Electric Ghosts - Toni Morrison’s Atelier at Princeton University 2005 USA Edit
Lost in Music music and video work for DVD Whitechapel Gallery, London. Back to Black - Art, Cinema and the Racial Imaginary. 2005 USA Edit
The Armory Opera 2006 USA Edit
Internet Ikenga (in progress) gallery installation / internet 2006 USA Edit
Big House / Disclosure music/public sound installation/performance 2007 USA Edit