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Carsten Nicolai, born 1965 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, is part of an artist generation who works intensively in the transitional area between art and science. As a visual artist Nicolai seeks to overcome the separation of the sensual perceptions of man by making scientific phenomenons like sound and light frequencies perceivable for both eyes and ears. His installations have a minimalistic aestehtic that by its elegance and consistency is highly intriguing. Further aspects of his works consider the integration of chance as well as the inspection of the interchanging relations of micro and macro structures. Special interest he also puts on so-called self-organizing processes, for example the growing of snow crystals. "In my opinion the emphasis of self-generating processes is a reaction to the claim to plan everything. Many of my works underlie a rule and introduce a model as organizing scheme to recognize chaotic movements. I am interested in both moments, they lie really close together. (...) The article Active mutations of self-reproducing networks, machines and tapes (1996) by Takashi Ikegami and Takashi Hashimoto had a major impact on my work. They wrote about loop structures and self-organisation. Loops get created by mathematical processes whose results at the same time are the source for new calculations. By constant re-calculating mistakes occur, build up changing patterns and become the origin of new intelligent processes." (CN) After his participation in important international exhibitions like documenta X and the 49th and 50th Venice Biennial, Nicolai's works were shown in two comprehensive solo exhibitions at Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Germany (anti reflex) and at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, Germany (syn chron) in 2005. In 2007 he had further extensive shows in Zurich and New York. For several years now Carsten Nicolai experiments with sound under the pseudonym noto to create his own code of signs, acoustic and visual symbols. As alva noto he leads those experiments into the field of electronic music. Among others, Nicolai already performed as alva noto at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, at Centre Pompidou in Paris, at Kunsthaus Graz and at Tate Modern in London. Additionally he has projects with diverse artists such as Ryoji Ikeda (cyclo.), Mika Vainio or Thomas Knak (opto); recently he toured with Ryuichi Sakamoto through Europe, Australia and Asia. Accessed 09.06.2009 from
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Major Group Show Drawing Center, 1993 USA Edit
Major Group Show Neue Nationalgalerie 1994 Germany Edit
Major Group Show Kunsthalle Basel 1994 Switzerland Edit
Major Group Show New York 1996 USA Edit
mikro makro Installation 1996 Germany Edit
Major Group Show 1997 Germany Edit
and#8734; Installation (a project for documenta X) 1997 Germany Edit
labor e Installation 1997 Germany Edit
bausatz noto and#8734; Sound Object /Installation 1998 Germany Edit
realistic Installation 1998 Edit
Produktionen 1999/2000 Kunsthalle Vierseithof 1999 Germany Edit
Major Group Show Whitechapel Art Gallery ( 1999 England Edit
Major Group Show Museum of Contemporary Art, 1999 USA Edit
Major Group Show Watari-Um Museum, 1999 Japan Edit
Telefunken unspecified 2000 Edit
Major Group Show Armand Hammer Museum of Art 2000 USA Edit
atem Sound Installation Liverpool Biennale 2000 England Edit
frozen water Installation 2000 Germany Edit
polar interactive multimedia installation 2000 Edit
Major Group Show Paolo Curti Gallery, 2001 Italy Edit
Major Group Show Museum of Contemporary Photography 2001 USA Edit
Major Group Show 2001 Turkey Edit
Major Group Show 2001 Italy Edit
Major Group Show Art/Music: Rock, Pop, Punk, Techno. 2001 Australia Edit
Major Group Show Palazzo delle Esposizioni 2001 Italy Edit
Major Group Show Palazzo della Triennale, 2001 Italy Edit
Transform Album mille plateaux 2001 Germany Edit
bitwave Wall Drawing 2001 Germany Edit
empty garden portable cd player, shoulder speakers, soundtrack 2001 Japan Edit
logic licht Light Installation 2001 Germany Edit
modell zur visualisierung Installation 2001 Edit
wellenwanne Installation 2001 Germany Edit
Random Dot Visual Participatory Work unspecified 2002 Edit
Snow Noise Installation unspecified 2002 Edit
Major Group Show Watari Museum of Contemporary Art 2002 Japan Edit
Major Group Show Schirn Kunsthalle 2002 Germany Edit
98% wasser Installation 2002 Germany Edit
void Installation 2002 Germany Edit
funken (installation) Installation 2003 Germany Edit
Modular Re.Strukt Paolo Curti Gallery, 2003 Italy Edit
sonic lumiere Ongoing Research Project 2003 Germany Edit
anti Sculpture 2004 Germany Edit
reflex aluminum frames, polyester, piezo high-tone speakers, max/msp program, firewire soundcard Schirn Kunsthalle 2004 Germany Edit
spray Installation 2004 Germany Edit
syn chron Intergrative Sculpture 2004 Germany Edit
inver NPL super black, laser: jenlas(R) white light, sound 2005 Germany Edit
sub vision Installation 2005 Germany Edit
Insen Album Raster-Noton 2006 Germany Edit
fades Installation sonambiente Festival, Berlin 2006 Germany Edit
polylit interactive installation 2006 Edit
334m/s Installation 2007 Edit
zone Sound Installation 2007 Germany Edit
invertone Installation 2007 Germany Edit
static balance Installation 2007 Germany Edit
yes/no Sculpture 2008 Germany Edit
aoyama space no. 2 Model of Room Installation 2009 Germany Edit