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Born in 1963 in Mexico City. Manuel Rocha Iturbide studies composition at the Escuela Nacional de Música in the University of Mexico with Julio Estrada, Ratko Tichavsky and Federico Ibarra. During three years he works in the collective photography workshop of Pedro Meyer and he participates in various exhibitions in Mexico, Brazil, Cuba and Italy. His interest for electronic music, experimental video, sound installations and sound sculpture take him to the University of Mills College in the USA, where thanks to a grant from the OEA and UNAM, he studies with Alvin Curran, Anthony Braxton, David Rosenboom and Larry Polansky, and obtains an MFA in electronic music and composition (1991). Then in Paris, he takes a one-year course in composition and computer music at IRCAM, where he studies with Bryan Fernyhough (1991-92). In 1992 he starts his doctoral thesis on "Granular synthesis techniques" with Horacio Vaggione at the University of Paris VIII. In 1993 he wins a grant from the Mexican cultural foundation to compose three electroacustic pieces. In France, he works at studios UPIC, GRM and IRCAM to produce works. Besides producing music in Paris, between 1991 and 1996 he was invited to produce other compositions at different studios in different countries, such as LIEM in Madrid Spain, SFU University in Vancouver Canada, University of Herefordshire in UK, etc. He worked as a researcher at IRCAM developing GiST (1994-95) and later as a professor at the University of Paris VIII where he taught synthesis and computer programming (1995-96). In 1996 and 1997 he was nominated at the Bourges Electronic Music Contest in the categories of program tape music and tape with instruments respectively, and in 1996 and 1997 he won the 2 prize at the Russolo Electronic Music Contest in the category of composition for instruments and electronics and tape alone. He has been invited to different international conferences to present his work (The tuning of the world, 1993; The biennial of art and technology, Connecticut 1994; ICMC 1995, 1996, 1997) and to electronic music festivals such as ABSOLUTE MUSIK in Austria, Experimental Intermedia and REDCAT in USA, VAE in Peru, etc. Besides composing, he has realized sound installations and sound sculptures presented in galleries and museums such as Artists Space in NY NY (1997), the Crousel gallery in Paris, the 1993, The Sidney Biennial in Australia (1998), the ARCO art fair in Madrid Spain (1998), SURGE gallery in Tokyo (2000), Kyoto Art Center in Kyoto (2000), Avatar in Quebec Canada (2002), Bienal do Mercosul in Brazil (2005), etc. . He has also written articles published in magazines such as "New Journal of Music Research" and in the proceedings of ICMC. His music has been played in Mexico, USA, Canada, Italy, Austria, Australia, Slovakia, Greece, France, Brazil, Hong-Kong and Spain. Some of his outstanding electroacustic pieces are: "Avidya" for tape, 23’00, 1989. "Atl" for tape, 10’00, 1990. "Frost clear energy saver", for refrigerator, tape and double bass, 17’00, 1991. "Bandas de pueblo", for tape, French horn, trombone, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, trumpet, percussion, and a Mexican Village Band, 17’00, 1991. "Ligne d’abandon", tape composition for an installation, 30’00, 1993. "Transiciones de fase", interactive composition for brass quartet and computer, 12’00, 1993-94. "SL-9", work for digital tape using granular synthesis techniques, 1994. "Móin Mór", for digital tape, 10’00, 1995. In 1998, he had a commission from the Banff Center for the Arts to compose an oboe and tape piece, and another commission from the XXVI Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato Mexico to compose an instrumental piece for violin, alto, chelo, flute, clarinet, and percussion, which was performed by the Mexican Contemporary Ensemble ONIX. In 2000 Rocha spent 7 months in Japan with a Japan Foundation Fellowship where he composed new pieces and worked on sound installations. In 2002 he did a two-month residency in Caracas Venezuela with a grant in order to compose a radio artwork. Manuel Rocha Iturbide lives currently in Mexico City, where he works as composer and sound artist, and where he is the curator of the international sound art festival. He has taught at the University of Morelos State in Cuernavaca Mexico undergraduate and postgraduate courses on computer music and the history of sound in the arts(2003-2004), at the National School of Music in UNAM (2003-2005), he was a member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores (2004-2007). He is now teaching at the Ibero University in the communication and interactive art facultys. Accessed 14.06.2009 from
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Avidya Tape Composition 1989 Mexico Edit
Atl Tape Composition 1990 Mexico Edit
Frost clear energy saver Composition 1991 Mexico Edit
Bandas de pueblo Tape Composition 1991 Mexico Edit
Transiciones de fase interactive composition 1993 Mexico Edit
SL-9 Tape Composition 1994 Mexico Edit
Móin Mór Tape Composition 1995 Mexico Edit
Sound Art in Mexico CD 2005 Mexico Edit