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Country:   England
URL:   http://www.suborg.net
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J Milo Taylor is a guitarist, laptop musician, artist and researcher and is currently completing a PhD at London College of Communication. His research interests are contemporary and historical sound art practice, post-structural critical theory, database art and immersive digital environments. His creative work and research practice have been presented internationally and he has had work made available in a number of prestigious publications. Recent work has been shown at Kustlerhaus Schloβ Balmoral, Bad Ems, Germany 2008, Somerset House, London, 2008, Athens Biennial, ICMC 2007, Copenhagen, Art of Immersive Soundscapes Conference, University of Regina, Canada, 2007, Auditory Cultures Conference, Copenhagen (organized by Brandon Labelle), 2007 Academy of Music, Oslo, 2007, and in various cities throughout Morocco 2005-2006.
36 Selected Statements
      Worktype Info Year Country Admin
Baby Data Band Project 1998 England Edit
Internet Radio Radio Show Fuzz Fm Internet Radio 2000 England Edit
Club of Rome Band Project 2001 England Edit
Behold!Your Future Executioners! Solo Project 2002 England Edit
Evil_art Curation - Multimedia Event Series 291 Gallery 2002 England Edit
Junk Music Video / installation Documentation Factory Berlin 2003 Germany Edit
Dadafest Site-specific performance 2003 Switzerland Edit
KVO Sound Installation / Performance Factory Berlin 2004 Germany Edit
Requiem Short film ICA 2004 England Edit
Les Marionnettes en Chantantes Outdoor Sound Installation 2004 Morocco Edit
The Elementals Community and Schools Sound / Recyling Project Arnos Grove, London 2005 England Edit
7000 Dirhams Laptop Improvisation Group Laptop Performances, Tour of Morocco 2005 Morocco Edit
George and the Girl Downstaris Puppet Performance / Immersive Environment Oxo Tower, South Bank 2006 England Edit
7000dh Laptop Improvsation Group Morocco Tour, Summer 2006 2006 Morocco Edit
Material Investigation #7 Soundwork Coldstorage Exhibition,Kühlhaus am Gleisdreieck, Luckenwalderstr. 3, Kreuzberg 2006 Germany Edit
Bit-totem Contemporary Improvising Trio 2006 England Edit
Institute of Serendipitous Sonoptics Cinematic Improvisation 2006 England Edit
The Universe in a Hankerchief Soundwork 2006 England Edit
Non_Ferrous Prostitution Audio-video circuit-bent puppetry performance Node.london Festival @ Threshold 2006 England Edit
60x4 Random Play | Ver I, II and III 4-channel indeterminate live soundwork Wormhole Saloon, Whitechapel Gallery 2006 England Edit
Astaroth Grimprovisation Duo 2007 England Edit
P-47 Misery Box Instrument / Sound Object Open Form 2007 2007 Norway Edit
Fukdapolis Intermedia Destroy Athens Biennial 2007 Greece Edit
Empire Hotel Radio Scan Soundwork 2007 Canada Edit
Hallow'een Performance Intermedia Glue Rooms 2007 England Edit
The Prospero Assemblages Series of visual works Tula Centre for Contemporary Art 2007 Russia Edit
Delayed Departures Sound recordist BBC Radio 4 Drama 2007 England Edit
Unknown Devices Laptop Orchestra Improvising Orchestra 2007 England Edit
Dissolving Ghost Piano Sound Installation 2008 Germany Edit
Aldgate Animation Commissioned Sound Design Open City Exhibition 2008 England Edit
Waterbugs Light and Sound Installation 2008 Germany Edit
Another Type of WorkSong (for Huddie Ledbetter ) Soundwork 2008 England Edit
Little Johnny Anger Solo Performance Project 2008 England Edit
The Objectifiers Intermedia Performace Whitechapel Gallery 2008 England Edit
skype. voices LISTENING. 2008 Remodel Installation / Intervention 2008 Germany Edit
Obstruction Placed in the Path of the Artist Intervention 2008 Germany Edit