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Warren Burt attended the State University of New York, Albany (BA, 1971) and the University of California, San Diego (MA, 1975) before moving to Australia in 1975. In Australia he has worked in academia (La Trobe University, NSW Conservatorium, Victorian College of the Arts, Australian National University), education, and radio (freelance and commissioned productions for ABC and PBAA), and as a composer, film maker, video artist, and community arts organizer. His works have been performed and shown in the USA, Australia, Europe and Japan and he has had grants from the Australia Council, the Victorian Ministry for the Arts and the McKnight Foundation (USA), and has been artist in residence with a number of organizations, such as the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization, the Los Angeles based art- science think-tank International Synergy, the Broadcast Music Department of ABC Radio, the Monash University Music Department, the RMIT Department of Fine Arts, and the American Composers Forum. His work with electronic and computer music is recognized internationally, including 1989 performances at Ars Electronica, Linz; and Steirischer Herbst, Graz; and 1994-95 performances and installations in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, and Germany. His book, Writings from a Scarlet Aardvark, 15 Articles on Music and Art, 1981-93, was published in 1993 by Frog Peak Music, USA. He contributed an extended essay of commentary to a second book, "Critical Vices: The Myths of Post-Modern Theory", principal author, Nicholas Zurbrugg, which was published in 1999 by Gordon and Breach, New York. Recent CD releases of his work include "39 Dissonant Etudes" (Tall Poppies, Sydney, 1996), and "Recitative-Tracing: On Guns and Cock-Fighting" (on "Winded", Innova, St. Paul, 1998). His electronic composition "La Strega Bianca della Luna II" was selected for inclusion in the 1999 Sonic Circuits International Electronic Music Festival. In 1998 he was an artist-in-residence at the Djerassi Artists Program, California, and he was awarded a 1998-2000 Australia Council Composer's Fellowship. Currently, he is a freelance composer, and has recently founded the Centre for Studies in Experimental Music and Performance, a non-academic institution organizing classes, lectures and performances. Accessed 28.10.2008 from http://www.tropicapricorn.com/warren_burt.htm
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Aardvarks IV Noise Composition 1972 Australia Edit
Nocturnal B Video 1977 Australia Edit
SoundBath Live Performance Recording 1979 Australia Edit
Lo Fi Melodic Electronics 1979-81 Lo Fi Plunderphonics 1981 Australia Edit
Still for Eva - Dawn II Sound for Dance 1981 Australia Edit
In the Solomans (for Bill Viola) Composition 1982 Australia Edit
In Memoriam Bill Evans Video 1982 Australia Edit
Almond Bread Harmonies II Experimental Composition 1985 Australia Edit
Not for Public Consumption Sound Collage 1988 Australia Edit
38:37 - A Machine for Making Sense Video 1990 Australia Edit
24 Chorales for Chris Mann Algorithmic Composition 1991 Australia Edit
Slogans and Abstracts Video 1992 Australia Edit
Warren Burt: Texts and Music 1987-1998 CD 1998 Australia Edit
Miss Furr and Miss Skene Voice Piece 1998 Australia Edit
Summerlake Installation Ripponlea Estate 1999 Australia Edit
Calvinesque Connections Daily Live Laptop Performance 1999 Australia Edit
Shaman- In Memoriam Terrance McKenna Sound Installation 2000 Australia Edit
Playing in Traffic Composition 2001 Australia Edit
Paul Panhuysen/Warren Burt: Number Made Visible Made Audible Soundscape 2001 Australia Edit
Pythagoras Babylonian Bathtub Live Recording 2003 Australia Edit
5 Unconventional Realizations for Ruark Lewis Video 2006 Australia Edit