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Dick Higgins is a composer, painter, translator and art theorist. Happenings and Fluxus, Intermedia, Something Else Press, these are a few of the terms associated with Dick Higgins. He remarks I find I never feel quite complete unless I'm doing all the arts--visual, musical and literary. I guess that's why I developed the term 'intermedia,' to cover my works that fall conceptually between these. The founder of Something Else Press he published works by Alan Kaprow, Gertrude Stein, Marshall McLuhan, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Emmett Williams, and Ray Johnson among others. His forty-seven books include Poems Plain and Fancy (Station Hill Press) and A Book About Love and War and Death (Something Else). He edited and annotated Giordano Bruno's On the Composition of Images, Signs and Ideas (Willis, Locker and Owens) and he is a recent recipient of a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation. He has two forthcoming books: Merle Armitage and the Modern Book (David Godine) and 2001: Modernism Since Post-Modernism (San Diego State University Press).
20 Selected Statements
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Twenty Six Mountains - The Deep Listening Catalog USA Edit
Variations on a Natural Theme, for Orchestra Graphic Score The Deep Listening Catalog USA Edit
In Memorium Sound Collage unspecified 1961 USA Edit
DANGER MUSIC #2 - - 1961 USA Edit
B.B. Finally Dreams About Life, B.B.s You Play It - - 1962 USA Edit
Danger Music Number Seventeen - Tellus #24 Flux Tellus 1962 USA Edit
Piano Album: Short Pieces, 1962-1984 collection of graphic, verbal and notated scores The Deep Listening Catalog 1962 USA Edit
Mechanical Music No.1 Sound Installation 1979 Germany Edit
Omnia Gallia Performance Poem unspecified 1980 USA Edit
Ten Ways of Looking at a Bird Graphic Score / Collection of Photographs The Deep Listening Catalog 1981 USA Edit
Storm Riders Horspeil unspecified 1982 USA Edit
Piano Sonata No. 2 (Graphis 192) Graphic Score The Deep Listening Catalog 1982 USA Edit
Sonata for Prepared Piano Graphic Score / photomontage The Deep Listening Catalog 1983 USA Edit
Song for any voice(s) and instruments(s) (Graphis 192b) Visual Poetry The Deep Listening Catalog 1983 USA Edit
the artist Metadrama - 1985 USA Edit
buddhism Metadrama - 1985 USA Edit
couic! Metadrama - 1985 USA Edit
erotic Metadrama - 1985 USA Edit
follow the leader Metadrama - 1985 USA Edit
tenderly Metadrama - 1985 USA Edit