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born in 1959 in Saint-Hilaire du Harcouët (France), lives in Paris. As of his first works, Michel Aubry puts to good use his knowledge of music and of instrument-making and his related studies at the École des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg (School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg). Seeking to sculpt sound, he uses reeds harvested in Sardinia which have given birth to a family of instruments of traditional Sardinian music : the « launeddas » (the musician blows into three reeds, one serves as the drone bass, the other two are melodic). The length of the reeds — and therefore the highness or lowness of the sound — allows him to materialize groups of chords in geometric constructions which are developed within the space like so many « scales » or « scores. » To construct them, the artist uses materials such as bakelite, plaster, glass or beeswax and such diverse techniques as drawing, engraving, casting, or inlay. With the rigor of an ethnologist and the know-how of an artisan (a cabinet-maker, an instrument-maker, a stone carver or a couturier), Michel Aubry founds his work on the deciphering and interpretation of shapes and motifs. In this way, certain objects (a table, a chair, a piece of clothing) outfitted with reeds can become « sound » sculptures. His repertory is enriched further by an interest in military clothing of the world’s various armies, particularly in camouflage material, whose motifs intersect the history of painting. He also maintains a stunning collection of Tapis politiques (Political Carpets) in which the war subjects (in particular those which commemorate the Russo-Afghan conflict of 79 to 89) have replaced the traditional motifs. Accessed 04.08.2009 from http://www.le-quartier.net/spip.php?article182
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Salon de Musique Sound Installation 1989 Edit