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William Anastasi is one of the founders of both Conceptual and Minimal Art -- relevant works were made before the movements were named. These works, starting in 1961, include Relief and Microphone, among the earliest examples of Conceptual Art. Between 1963 and 1966, we have Sink -- a clear demonstration of entropy -- and Issue and Trespass -- important forerunners to an entire class of works involving deconstruction. Sink (which combines his Conceptual and Minimal approaches) and En Route, are among the earliest forays into Minimal Art. Holding that after Duchamp there was no earthly reason why a blind man could not be an artist, his unsighted drawings were also started in 1963. His 1966/67 Six Sites broke the ground for an entire genre of exhibitions under the rubric Site Specific. Underlying his practice is his sense that the only thing that interests him about taste is that it is always changing. Accessed 04.08.2009 from http://www.williamanastasi.net/Welcome.htm
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      Worktype Info Year Country Admin
Microphone Object 1963 USA Edit
Untitled 1964 Conceptual Work 1964 USA Edit
Sound Drawings Drawings 1964 USA Edit
Beethovens Fifth Symphony Conceptual Sculpture 1965 USA Edit
World's Greatest Music Sound sculpture 1977 Germany Edit
Ecoute par les Yeux Exhibition Musée dArt Moderne 1980 Paris, France Edit
John Cage Drawing 1986 USA Edit
Rolyholyover: A Circus. Exhibition The Guggenheim Museum and other locations Traveled 1993 USA Edit
Merce Cunningham: Fifty Years Exhibition La Fundacio Antoni Tapiès, 1999 Barcelona, Spain Edit