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A poet of the New York school in the early- and mid-1960s, Vito Acconci moved toward performance, sound, and video work by the end of the decade. Acconci changed direction in order to define [his] body in space, find a ground for [him]self, an alternate ground for the page ground [he] had as a poet. Acconci's early performances—including Claim (1971) and Seedbed (1972)—were extremely controversial, transgressing assumed boundaries between public and private space, and between audience and performer. Positioning his own body as the simultaneous subject and object of the work, Acconci's early video tapes took advantage of the medium's self-reflexive potential in mediating his own and the viewer's attention. Consistently exploring the dynamics of intimacy, trust, and power, the focus of Acconci's projects gradually moved from his physical body (Conversions, 1971) toward the psychology of interpersonal transactions (Pryings, 1971), and later, to the cultural and political implications of the performative space he set up for the camera (The Red Tapes, 1976). Since the late '70s, Acconci has designed architectural and installation works for public spaces.
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Happy new ear - El Sonoscop archivo de arte sonoro, Barcelona Spain Edit
RE Conceptual Writing - USA Edit
Running Tape Tape unspecified 1969 USA Edit
Centers Video 1971 USA Edit
Two Track Video unspecified 1971 USA Edit
Association Area Video unspecified 1971 USA Edit
Waterways: Four Saliva Studies Video [sonic]SQUARE series, Kaaitheaterstudios, Brussels, Belgium. Monday June 3 1971 England Edit
The American Gift Installation / CD 1995 1976 USA Edit
Under-History Lessons CD unspecified 1976 USA Edit
Ten Packed Minutes Collage unspecified 1977 USA Edit
The Gangster Sister From Chicago Visits New York CD unspecified 1977 USA Edit
Now Do You Believe The Dirty Dogs Are Dead? - From the LP Live To Air: Artists Sound Works (Audio Arts Magazine, Volume 5, Nos 3 and 4, 1982) 1982 England Edit
Body Building Installation unspecified 1986 USA Edit
Virtual Pleasure Mask - - 1993 USA Edit
3 fragments for a radio songfest Composition Radio DRS. Zurich. 1999 USA Edit
The Bristol Project Soundwork - 2001 USA Edit