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guitar, daxophone; composer; inventor and luthier; designer. Hans Reichel taught himself violin from the age of 7 and then played in the school orchestra for about 9 years. At 15 he became interested early rock music and began to play guitar, being initially influenced by Donovan, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones and later Frank Zappa, Cream, Jimi Hendrix and many blues players. In moving between different groups, Reichel played bass guitar for a time and even for a brief period worked in a duo with a musician who played the Renaissance instrument, the crumhorn. He gave up making music for a number of years while studying graphic arts and working as a typesetter but in 1970 came to record a collage tape of guitar music that, when sent to the jury of the German Jazz Festival in Frankfurt, led to his appearance at a special concert for newcomers. This led to discussions with Jost Gebers and the release of music on FMP. Reichel is particularly recognised as a solo performer, as evidenced by his discography, below. But in recent years he has played more group than solo concerts, with established partners such as Rdiger Carl and Sven-ke Johansson, in the September Band with Carl, Shelley Hirsch and Paul Lovens, in duos such as those recorded with Tom Cora and Fred Frith, and in ad-hoc groupings such as with L Quan Ninh and Dominque Repecaud. Various all- daxophone groups have also appeared, sometimes mixed in with treated cellos. He told Chris Blackford, tongue in cheek: 'My favourite format is the trio, and quite often I played a duo because I was lacking an idea for who the third person could be'. Accessed 19.05.2008 from http://www.efi.group.shef.ac.uk/mreichel.html
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Numerous CD releases CD 1973 International Edit
Daxophone Instrument / Sound Object 1987 Germany Edit
Shanghaied on Tor Road CD 1992 Germany Edit