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For over 20 years, Marclay has been carrying out a joint exploration of the realms of sound and vision, producing performances and sculptures, drawings, photographs, and installations in which collage is the dominant technique. The visual pieces are thus inseparable from their aural dimension, and likewise the sound works have an irreducible visual aspect. Marclay discusses various topics in the interview, including when he first started making music, how his musical practice initially developed from the possibility of creating sounds using vinyl records, his technique of cutting and carving vinyl records before sticking them back together in different slices to make a new ensemble, the adaptations he has made to turntables, the importance of the very spontaneous quality of his music, and his use of collage to connect music and sound in his visual works.
37 Selected Statements
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One Thousand Cycles SoundWork records. atavistic, 1997 1981 USA Edit
Phonodrum Soundwork 1981 USA Edit
Smoker Soundwork 1981 USA Edit
Groove Soundwork 1982 USA Edit
His Masters Voice Soundwork 1982 USA Edit
Brown Rain Soundwork 1982 USA Edit
Second Coming Soundwork 1982 USA Edit
Craft Soundwork 1983 USA Edit
Pandora's Box Soundwork 1984 USA Edit
Neural Soundwork 1984 USA Edit
1930 SoundWork records. atavistic, 1997 1985 USA Edit
Jukebox Capriccio SoundWork records. atavistic, 1997 1985 USA Edit
Record without a Cover Vinyl Release - 1985 USA Edit
BlackStucco - Pr_pia C_pia - Chill out Disco 6 1986 USA Edit
Tellus #15: The Improvisors (1986) Tape Contribution 1986 USA Edit
Christian Marclay - P.S. 1 Museum, The Clocktower, New York. 1987 USA Edit
Night Music SoundWork records. atavistic, 1997 1989 USA Edit
Footsteps Installation Shedhalle 1989 Switzerland Edit
Directions: Christian Marclay - Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (brochure). 1990 USA Edit
Christian Marclay - Interim Art, London 1991 England Edit
The Wind Section - Galerie Jennifer Flay, Paris. 1992 France Edit
Echo and Narcissus Installation - 1992 USA Edit
Christian Marclay - Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles 1993 USA Edit
Berlin Mix Performance Strassenbahndepot Moabit 1993 Germany Edit
Christian Marclay - daadgalerie, Berlin, Germany; Fri-Art Centre dart contemporain Kunsthalle, Fribourg (catalogue). 1994 Germany Edit
Accompagnement Musical - Musée dArt et dHistoire, Geneva. 1995 Switzerland Edit
Arranged and Conducted - Kunsthaus, Zurich 1996 Germany Edit
Pictures at an Exhibition - Whitney Museum of American Art, New York 1997 USA Edit
Christian Marclay Exhibition Paula Cooper Gallery, New York. 1999 USA Edit
Live @ IRCAM Live Performance IRCAM, Paris 1999 France Edit
Guitar Drag - Sonic Boom 2000 England Edit
Christian Marclay: Cinema Exhibition Oakville Galleries 2000 Canada Edit
Blind Television Installation Oakville Galleries 2000 Canada Edit
Up and Out Installation Oakville Galleries 2000 Canada Edit
Untitled Installation The International 3 2002 England Edit
Shake Rattle and Roll (fluxmix) 16-channel audio- and video installation Walker Art Center 2005 USA Edit
Crossfire Installation White Cube Gallery, London 2007 England Edit