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... For Schielein (musical) sound has a material quality referring to an abstract logic beyond the sound's realisation in space and time. ... (Helga de la Motte-Haber) Accessed 17.04.2008 from homepage "German composer and graphic artist Dodo Schielein takes a different approach to composition than a classically trained musician. For her, sound is a tangible material that occupies space and time. Prepared piano has its own playfulness; Cage inserted objects like screws and rubber erasers in between the piano's strings to create different percussive sounds or to change the pitch and timbre of a note. Schielein's choice of objects also introduce a kind of mechanical motion triggered by piano keys as in "Mignon", in which marbles jump from string to string, or "Slide", in which vibrations move a drinking glass along the piano strings. She also works with prepared electric guitar, citing Fred Frith as an influence. One reviewer described her guitar improvisations as '[t]he noise spectrum pushed to the very edge. The movements were rushing and hectic. The acoustic cauldron was lit, and swelled like a hurricane." (From: "Program Notes" by Maureen Donahue - "Glass Farm Concerts" New York, Oct. 14th, 2000) Dodo Schielein was born in Munich in 1968. She began studying the piano when she was six and the guitar when she was sixteen. She became a student of communication design (Kommunikations-Design) at "Fachhochschule" in Munich completing her degree in 1992 and then studied fine arts (Freie Kunst) with Prof. Henning Christiansen at the College of Fine Arts (Hochschule für bildende Künste) in Hamburg (degree in 1997). In addition, she attended courses for composition and the theory of music at the "Musikhochschule" with Prof. Manfred Stahnke and others. Dodo Schielein found stimulation in the academy Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart and in Basle (Switzerland) at the Warteck-Gästeatelier, Kaskadenkondensator. In both places she enjoyed the privilege of being a grantee. The French-German TV station ARTE portrayed Dodo Schielein in "Three Seconds Bach" in September 2000, a sketch directed by Susann S. Reck. The Film won the 2.Prize of the Vienna Music Award 2000 She wrote compositions for the ensembes "L'art pour L'art", "Zwischentöne" and "OhTon". The composer, sound artist, and graphic artist Dodo Schielein has performed in concerts, has shown exhibitions and given lectures in among Berlin, Basle (CH), Darmstadt, Dajeon (South Korea), Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Linz (A), Munich, New York (USA), Stuttgart, Ulm and other cities. Accessed 17.04.2008 from
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Clusterboards Object 1996 Germany Edit
Vierklang CD 1997 Germany Edit
Compressing-Condensing CD of Live Performance 1998 Germany Edit
Fragments - solo for the Electric Guitar CD 2001 Germany Edit
Musik in Deutschland 1950 – 2000 Featured on CD Compilation BMG Ariola Classic GmbH, Deutscher Musikrat, RCA Red Seal 2004 Germany Edit
katarakt Composers Group 2005 Germany Edit
Soundart teamwork Performance Hafensafari 5 2007 Germany Edit
Solo for Guitar Amplifier Performance autonopop 2007 Germany Edit
Soundart teamwork Performance exhibition Wasser 2008 Germany Edit