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Con Voce Composition Germany Germany Edit
Musica para la Torre Composition / Performance 1953 Argentina Edit
Antithesis Composition 1962 Edit
Prima Vista Composition 1964 Edit
Diaphonie Composition 1964 Edit
Der Schall Composition Deutsche Grammophon, Germany, DGG 2561039, 1969 1968 Germany Edit
Ein Aufnahmezustand Radiowork/Hörspiele Germany 1969 Germany Edit
Unter Strom Performance 1969 Germany Edit
ACUSTICA LP Album Deutsche Grammophon 2707 059 1971 Germany Edit
Staatstheater MusicalPerformance / Theatre / Ballet 1971 Germany Edit
Ludwig van Film Germany 1971 Germany Edit
Two Man Orchestra Performance / Sculpture / Installation 1971 Germany Edit
MM 51 Film music for Piano 1977 Edit
RRRRRRR....Eine Radiophantasie Radiowork/Hörspiele 1981 Germany Edit
Nah und Fern Sound Composition / Radio 1993 Germany Edit