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Helga de la Motte (Hrsg.), Handbuch der Musik im 20. Jahrhundert volume 12: Klangkunst Coming from Object- and Installation-Arts, Andreas Oldörp is studying the interaction of sound and space since 1985. Since 1988 he is developing sound-installations and -sculptures applying permanent sounds, that form diverse and space-pervading sound-structures. In these works Oldörp is passing on electronic sound-generation, he uses organ-pipes, that are connected by line-systems made of glass or 'singing flames', in which gas-burners provided with either butane or hydrogen cause the sounding vibration of the air-columns in glass-tubes made to measure. These meticulously designed constructions are neatly geared to the structure of the given architecture, providing visual spacial guidelines to the movement of the spectators, while being the columns of an acoustic architecture. As his basic material Oldörp often uses sound-combinations that are slightly out of tune, thus creating more or less eminent beats varied in speed, that form spacial sound-patterns. While organ-pipes are used to form a rather subtle colouring of spaces, the 'singing flames' being very rich in overtones produce space-filling vigourous textures. These sound-architectures are highly dependent from the surrounding acoustic conditions. They only unveil themselves while moving in the space. Sometimes it just needs a slight move to enter into a different sphere of the sound-space. Oldörp considers this to be an act of individual mental and physical positioning (Proze§ individueller 'Verortung'). These architectures made of sounds promote the idea of a personal research, that is constantly synchronising outer stimuli with intimate experience. Markus Steffens Accessed16.05.2008 from
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Requiem für eine Schlange Action 1987 Denmark Edit
Basso continuo Concert for Fire and Wind Hochschule für bildende Künste 1987 Germany Edit
Singende Flammen Sound Installation Hans-Albers-Platz 1988 Germany Edit
ad... Sound Installation WESTWERKs 1993 Germany Edit
panta rhei 1993 Germany Edit
con spirito Sound Installation 1993 Germany Edit
Le temps perdu und Quinte Sound Installation 1994 Germany Edit
Ohne Titel Sound Installation STIPENDIATEN 93 1994 Germany Edit
Sound Installation 1994 Denmark Edit
I dont mind being moved.....but I dont like to be pushed. Sound Installation Sønderjyllands Kunstmuseum, 1994 Denmark Edit
ruah Sound Installation THE ART OF AURA, Jan Koniarek Gallery - Synagogue 1995 Slovakia Edit
Bunker und Klangstein Sound Installation BUNKERS 95 1995 Norway Edit
HIRSCHGANG Sound Installation Schloß Solitude, 1995 Germany Edit
Versuch der Rekonstruktion einer Zeit Sound Installation 1996 Germany Edit
One of us cannot be wrong Sound Installation 1996 Germany Edit
... to rub out the word. Sound Installation St. Petri-Kirche 1997 Germany Edit
Am Anfang war nicht das Wort, sondern ein Zwitschern Sound Installation 1997 Germany Edit
Arbeit mit Lager Sound Installation Großer Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg 1997 Germany Edit
Outdoor Sound Installation Common Space II 1997 Slovakia Edit
Zwei Klanginstallationen für Parochial Sound Installation Parochialkirche 1998 Germany Edit
großes Weiß Sound sculpture OHa-Kunst 1998 Germany Edit
Vom Raum zum Ort Sound Installation Stadtgalerie 1998 Germany Edit
!Horizont Sound Installation KUNST.HALLE.KREMS, 1998 Austria Edit
Veer (für meine Brüder) Sound Installation SFB-Klanggalerie, 1999 Germany Edit
Zusammenspiel Sound Installation Halle K3 1999 Germany Edit
Air Sound Installation Galerie Loeil de poisson, 2000 Canada Edit
Wittener Aggregat Sound Installation 2000 Germany Edit
Masnedo Fortet Sound Installation HULRUM 2000 Denmark Edit
Le Nénuphar Sound Installation Galerie Quartier Éphémère 2000 Canada Edit
Anonymus Outdoor Sound Installation Klangskulptur in Röda Steen, 2000 Sweden Edit
gossip Concert / Installation KlangKunstForum am Potsdamer Platz 2001 Germany Edit
Über den Teichen Outdoor Sound Installation 2001 Germany Edit
The certainty of chance Sound Installation 2001 Germany Edit
High Fidelity Outdoor Sound Installation 2001 Germany Edit
regeneration Sound Installation magazin4 / Vorarlberger Kunstverein 2001 Austria Edit
Trost für Anfänger Sound Installation 2002 Germany Edit
Tre Archi_zwei Arbeiten mit Klang Sound Installation Badischer Kunstverein, 2002 Germany Edit
Trost für Anfänger Sound Installation Resonanzen II 2002 Germany Edit
mælstrom und for the birds Sound Installation Rauman Taidemuseo 2002 Finland Edit
Klangmöbel Sound sculpture 2002 Germany Edit
de profundis Sound Installation Soundart im VOXXX, Voxxx-Galerie 2003 Germany Edit
cocoon Sound Installation Drei Positionen deutscher Klangkunst, Charlottenborg Udstillingsbygning - Mellemdækket 2003 Denmark Edit
im leeren raum Sound Installation Kornschütte 2004 Switzerland Edit
dawn blossoms ... Sound / Light Installation Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst, 2004 Germany Edit
5ORTE Five Sound Installations 2005 Germany Edit
Léphémère Outdoor Sound Sculpture Crédit Municipal im Marais, 2005 France Edit
Große Bergstaße 173 Outdoor Sound Sculpture 2006 Germany Edit
... wie die Orgelpfeifen Performance Workshops Musikgrundkurs S4 des Helene-Lange-Gymnasiums 2006 Germany Edit
DRÖÖNBÜDEL Outdoor Sound Sculpture Kehrwiederspitze 2006 Germany Edit
ABSEITS Sound Installation Sonambiente Berlin 2006, St. Johannes-Evangelist in der Auguststraße 2006 Germany Edit
Zwischenlandung Outdoor Sound Sculpture Stadtparksee, 2006 Germany Edit
Your place or mine? Outdoor Sound Installation Killesbergpark, 2006 Germany Edit
die anderen / tønder version Sound sculpture Sønderjyllands Kunstmuseum, 2007 Denmark Edit
the breakwaterorgan Sound Installation (propsal) 2007 Wales Edit
Die anderen / Flensburger Aggregat Sound Installation Klangraum Flensburg 2007 Germany Edit
Lotos (Julius gewidmet) Sound Installation KlangZeitFestival 2008 / time is on my side 2008 Germany Edit
Seestück Outdoor Sound Sculpture (proposal) Kaiserhöft 2008 Germany Edit