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now a professor at the College of Art in Braunschweig. He shaped the first-generation development of Sound Art comprehensively and diversely. His inscriptions on surfaces unfold in the media of drawing and sculpture. They create resonances inspired by the drawing oeuvre, which are then acoustically reflected. Reflection and resonance determine each other, intellectually and physically. Drawings in chalk, charcoal, and colored pencil on paper, stone walls, plaster, and glass quote musical procedures. Material is played upon. Acoustic sculptures arise out of processes of scanning, sanding, and beating. Figures grow that emerge on the other side of musical forms and are eternalized in the material. Music is abstracted and becomes sculpture in the medium of hard surfaces and drawing on paper. The artist’s handwriting arises from the experience of the musician, who in the 1980s was a well-known blues guitarist in Berlin and a master student under Herbert Kaufmann. At the same time, Eller’s early performances were characterized by influences from Fluxus and happenings, then approaching Minimal Art and its affinities to orders and sequences. In early works, he still played musical instruments like electric guitars, pianos, etc. with stones and other hard objects; their sound pickups and strings were then mounted in other contexts of work implements for the garden and field, like rakes and brooms; with these new tools, he carried out acoustic explorations of surfaces. With his artistic set of tools, almost like a scientist, Eller explores the surfaces of buildings, their windows and floors, and the resonances of exterior spaces in relation to those of interior spaces. Streets become a symbol for drawings in motion. Everything is amplified and becomes sound in space. His materials research plumbs hidden acoustic qualities that are given rhythmic structure through motions. The processes of such inscribings sometimes leave optical traces on the material, as well. This work centers on aesthetic questions of the perspectives of movements and materials. Accessed 22.03.2008 from
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Horstein Installation (outdoor) Kunstverein 1995 Edit
Im Kreis der Trommeln Sound Installation 1996 Germany Edit
Snare Drums Sound Installation sonambiente Festival 1996 Germany Edit
Resonanzbehälter Sound sculpture 2006 2006 Germany Edit