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Lives in Paris.Bill Fontana is internationally known for his experimental work in sound. He has worked since the late 60's in developing his unique art form, and has realized more than 50 sound sculptures (e.g. Sonic Projections from Schlossberg, Graz, 1988), 20 radio projects, sound installations for natural science museums and sound compositions for dance. He has received fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Berliner Künstler Programm of the DAAD and the Japan U.S. Friendship Commision. His work has been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Museum Ludwig, Cologne, the Post Museum in Frankfurt, and the Art History and Natural History Museums in Vienna.In June 1993 he completed the Satellite Soundbridge Cologne - Kyoto . In 1994 Bill Fontana took part in the ZEITGLEICH symposium/exhibtion in Hall in Tirol where he installed "Simultaneous Resonances" - and later the major public art project called "Sound Island" at the Arc du Triomphe.(1994)
18 Selected Statements
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Sound Sculptures of Level Crossings Soundscape Austria Edit
Farallon Soundscape from Soundsculptures through the Golden Gate Soundscape Austria Edit
Australian Soundscapes Soundscape Austria Edit
Wild Return Soundscape Austria Edit
Satelliten-Ohrbrucke Soundscape Austria Edit
Ile Sonore Soundscape Austria Edit
Music From Ordinary Objects Radio Work ABC FM Australia Edit
Sound Sculpture with Resonators Installation 1975 USA Edit
Kiribilli Wharf multichannel soundsculpture / Radio Broadcast ABC FM 1976 Australia Edit
Sound Recyling Sculpture Sound Sculpture 1979 Germany Edit
Oscillating Steel Grids Along the Cincinnati-Covington SUspension Bridge Sound sculpture 1980 USA Edit
Landscape Soundings / KlanglandSchaften Installation Maria-Theresien-Platz 1990 Austria Edit
unknown Installation Zeitgleich 1994 Austria Edit
Vitual Nature Soundscape 1994 Austria Edit
amplified underwater sounds from church tower Installation Kunst in der Stadt 1998 Austria Edit
Acoustical Visions of Venice Installation Bienalle 2001 Italy Edit
Primal Soundings Composition Leeds City Gallery and Contemporary Art Society . Performances * 2005-03-12: CBSO Centre, Birmingham, UK 2004 England Edit
Kolumba Art Museum Permanent Installation 2008 Germany Edit