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Bernhard GŁnter, born 1957 in Irlich, Germany, begins his musical life playing the drums at age 12, then changes to electric guitar at 17. He moves to Paris in 1980, where he takes up auto-didactic studies of contemporary composition techniques in the libraries of IRCAM and the Centre Pompidou, and attends Pierre Boulez's lectures at IRCAM and CollŤge de France. Returning to Germany in 1986, he starts working on computer-based music in 1987; after four years of preparation and one year of work he releases his influential first CD Un Peu de Neige Salie (1993), followed by Dťtails Agrandis (1994). In 1995, he founds his own label, trente oiseaux. During the following decade, GŁnter releases numerous CDs and performs his music around the globe. Un Peu de Neige Salie is listed as one of the Top 100 Albums that set the World on Fire by The Wire, one of his works receives an Honorable Mention at the 1999 PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA. After a decade of composing electroacoustic music, GŁnter re-discovers his interest in playing instruments and improvised music in 2004. In 2005, GŁnter adds various bamboo flutes, the shakuhachi and the xiao among others, to his sound palette, and begins exploring a middle course between composition and improvisation that uses multi-tracking, editing, and arranging improvised parts that are exchanged between artists through the mail. The first result of this approach (which GŁnter tentatively calls 'compovisation') is the release of Ataraxia (2005) in collaboration with Heribert Friedl. In November 2006, Friedl and GŁnter have just completed their second album, trans, making use of a field recording of three power transformers as its basis. GŁnter has begun to play the clarinet in mid-2006, and is currently working on two collaboration projects with guitarist Gary Smith and percussionist Michael Vorfeld that may eventually result in a trio project. He intends to begin a new project with Graham Halliwell and to continue exploring a possible synthesis of composition and improvisation, incorporating field recordings, digital sound sources, and instrumental improvisation. To ensure his artistic independence regardless of economic considerations, GŁnter works part time as an English teacher in adult education, and as a translator. In his free time, he enjoys reading, photography, and mountain biking. I still think that creating art means taking a material (be it sound, color, stone, words, your body) and shape it into an adequate and significant form (adequate to both the material and the significance; to be more specific - let a sound take its time, a color take its space, use words to transcend themselves - poetry - ...and let the form make the state and the way of functioning of your mind apparent...). I might just add that for this reason, serial and chance procedures (in musical composition) are only worth to be used to create some basic materials; nothing will spare us to make our own choice, take our own decision, and the responsability for the work. Accessed 24.03.2008 from
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Time, Dreaming Itself CD trente oiseux #TOC 003 Germany Edit
Un Peu de Neige Salie CD 1993 Germany Edit
Dťtails Agrandis CD self release 1994 Germany Edit
trente oiseaux Record Label Germany 1995 Germany Edit
Buddha with the Sun Face / Buddha with the Moon Face CD Album Digital Narcis Ltd. 1999 Germany Edit
Crossing the River CD Album trente oiseux #TOC 014 2001 Germany Edit
Ataraxia CD Germany 2005 Germany Edit