Country:   Sweden
URL:   http://www.hannahartman.de/
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Having developed her very own language, the Swedish sound artist Hanna Hartman creates compositions that are exclusively made up from authentic sounds which she has recorded around the world. Sounds are taken out of their original context and thus perceived in their purity. Hanna Hartman seeks to reveal hidden correspondences between the most diverse auditive impressions and in new constellations she creates extraordinary worlds of sound. Accessed 02.01.2008 from http://www.electrocd.com/en/bio/hartman_ha/
13 Selected Statements
      Worktype Info Year Country Admin
Are you going up these hills? Soundwork Danish Broadcasting Corporation 1997 Denmark Edit
The Voice of Closed Eyes Soundwork Kryptonale Berlin 1999 Germany Edit
Cikoria Soundwork DeutschlandRadioBerlin 2000 Germany Edit
Die Mysterien finden im Hauptbahnhof statt Soundwork DeutschlandRadioBerlin 2000 Germany Edit
Black Boxes Sound Installation Elverket, Stockholm 2003 Sweden Edit
Hanna Hartmann CD Elektron EM1005 2003 Sweden Edit
aufs glatteis performance Maerzmusik, Berlin 2004 Germany Edit
Longitude 013°26E Radio Work Swedish National Radio 2004 Sweden Edit
Longitude/Cratere Album http://www.komplott.com/ 2005 Sweden Edit
Can Man interactive sound installation GAS-festivalen, Göteborg 2005 Sweden Edit
dich tholen Performance 10 Jahre Konzerte Frau musica (nova) im Deutschlandfunk, Köln 2007 Germany Edit
Composer in Residence Residency Sveriges Radio P2 2007 Sweden Edit
Ailanthus CD catalogue #: escudre09 2007 Sweden Edit