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an artist who is working with sound and new media. Askefoss has been educated as composer at The University of Birmingham, UK. He also has his background from the Royal Academy of Fine Art and The University in Oslo. Askefoss currently specializes in experimental music and in composition. In the 1990´s he has been working with sound installations in a wide and various range of contexts. In his work artistic structures gradually uncovered and developed into a spatial based instrument and Electroacoustic music. The project went through an interesting process and manifestation of these structures could be heard in pieces like é-c-h-e-l-l-e performed at DIEM's MIX.01 Festival i Ĺrhus (2001), in correlations (1999) in Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo and more. Askefoss´ current style is founded in the conceptual and experimental trends within the 50´s the 60´s. He often uses elements of random improvisation, and sound is usually performed with contemporary technology. During the last few years he has often worked abroad, mainly in Paris, England and Denmark, but also in California. Antimusic , that could be a label of his current direction in sound, involves an anti-formal approach to composition in the tradition of Democratic Music. In Circle Symphonique, an interactive happening that was presented in a BEAST arrangement in CBSO, Birmingham, UK in 2004, this tendences are dominant. Current work are focused on the friction between a conceptual and an intuitive approach and a meta-strategy between these modus of composition are typical. The emerging aesthetic form tends against concrete poetry based on documentary and sonic impressions. Silent Music, that was presented during the Ilios Contemporary Music Festival (2005) in Harstad, is an example of this new direction in Askefoss´ work. Accessed 02.01.2008 from
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Lydskulptur Performance Royal Academy of Fine Art in Oslo 1991 Norway Edit
Who, how, woh Internet concert program - 1998 Norway Edit
correlations Sound Installation Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo. 1999 Norway Edit
é-c-h-e-l-l-e Sound Installation Musikhuset Aarhus 14th.- 17th. June 2001 Denmark Edit
Circle Symphonique Happening CBSO Centre in Birmingham 2004 England Edit
Silent Music Installation Ilios Contemporary Music Festival (2005) in Harstad 2005 Norway Edit
Álces Sound-installation in a public space. Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall 2005 Norway Edit