Country:   Japan
URL:   http://www.ms-wrk.com/
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minoru sato is a japanese artist. he is creating art works per physical phenomena and concepts under the name 'm/s'. he had been running an artist label called 'WrK(1994-2006)'. moreover he is organizing contemporary art exhibitions and various events as curator. In 1989, he started activities under the name m/s . In 1994, the label "WrK" was established for creative activities. His interests focus on physical phenomena and their reception, his research and creative activities are explored in the form of installations, multiples, performances and written text. In addition, he produces works with an orientation in music using the name "S.A.S.W." Accessed 05.01.2008 from http://www.ms-wrk.com/
21 Selected Statements
      Worktype Info Year Country Admin
contact electricity noise multiple SoundCulture, THE PERFORMANCE SPACE , Sydney Australia 1990 Australia Edit
sound of electro-magnetic field by fluorescent lamps installation Kawasaki City Museum, 1991 Japan Edit
linear manifold site-specific installation SoundCulture Japan Old salt-storehouse of Yurin-kan 1993 Japan Edit
WrK Label - 1994 Japan Edit
surface site-specific installation street at Aoyama 1995 Japan Edit
emerge from the perturbation field installation Gallery KIGOMA, 1995 Japan Edit
circuit model of physical vibration for power source performance/multiple 1996-2002 1996 Japan Edit
eigen-state and the displacement site-specific installation XEBEC hall 1996 Japan Edit
Detecting space conditions from phase-contrast by using sine waves and a gate on various sounds performance uplink factory 1996 Japan Edit
numerical wave observation drawing ear as eye 1997 Japan Edit
solar cell camera instrument Sound Art - Sound as Media( ICC) exhibition catalogue 1999 Japan Edit
finding of a state of light: distribution of luminous intensity and its fluctuation site-specific installation Sound Art - Sound as Media at ICC 2000 Japan Edit
observation of thermal states through wave phenomena based on a specific boundary condition installation just about now at TENT.CBK , 2000 Netherlands Edit
phase difference between two windows by using line vibrations site-specific installation EI Huis 2001 Belgium Edit
circuit model of physical vibration for power source performance Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts 2002 Japan Edit
circuit model of physical vibration for power source multiple - 2002 Japan Edit
Redirecting sunlight with convergence lenses and optical fibers: and its effect site-specific installation BEELDEN BUITEN 2002 / FRACTALS at Tuin De Brabandere , Tielt Belgium 2002 Belgium Edit
observation of thermal states through a stationary wave site-specific installation Osaka Chikko Harbor Red Brick Warehouse in Osaka 2004 Japan Edit
NRF Amplification sound installation CCNOA in Brussel 2005 Belgium Edit
- CD Spekk 2007 Japan Edit
Practice for locality and non-locality derived from diffraction of lights installation - 2007 Japan Edit