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Steven Feld is a musician, writer, ethnomusicologist and documentary sound artist. He has been active in the New Mexico music scene since the 1970s when he was a founder of the New Mexico Jazz Workshop. More recently he has appeared with the Tom Guralnick trio; as leader of experimental trombone choir, Bonefied; and member of the Out of Context conduction ensemble. He has lectured at more than 100 universities around the world and appeared on dozens of radio programs on US and global networks. In 2003 Feld founded VoxLox, a documentary sound art label whose CDs advocate for human rights and acoustic ecology. His CD recordings include Bosavi: Rainforest Music from Papua New Guinea; Bells and Winter Festivals of Greek Macedonia; Bright Balkan Morning: Romani Lives and the Power of Music in Greek Macedonia; Primo Maggio Anarchico: Anarchist May Day in Carrara, Italy; and the first CDs on his VoxLox label, Iraqi Music in A Time of War: Rahim AlHaj in New York. As a professor, Feld has taught at Columbia University, NYU, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of Texas at Austin, and University of Pennsylvania. He also holds a regular visiting appointment as a Professor of World Music at the Grieg Academy, University of Bergen, Norway. He was appointed Professor of Anthropology and Music at the University of New Mexico in 2003. Feld's academic research principally concerns the anthropology of sound and voice. Since the mid-1970s he has studied the sound world of the Bosavi rainforest region in Papua New Guinea where he has also been involved in human rights since the 1980s. More recently he has researched Greek Macedonia and Romani ( Gypsy ) instrumentalists. In addition to numerous essays in books and journals, Feld is the author of several books including Sound and Sentiment; Senses of Place (edited with Keith Basso); Jean Rouch: Ciné-Ethnography. Feld received a MacArthur prize in 1991, a Guggenheim for 2003-2004, and was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1994. In 2003, he was named the 15th recipient of the Koizumi FUMIO Prize for Ethnomusicology, an award for career achievement in the field. Currently he is producing a 5th CD, DVD, and book project on the worldwide history and culture of bells. (Accessed 14.10.06 from
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Sound Structure as Social Structure Article Ethnomusicology 1990 USA Edit
Sound and Sentiment: Birds, Weeping, Poetics, Book University of Philadelphia Press 1992 USA Edit
The Time of Bells Vol 1 CD 2004 USA Edit
The Time of Bells Vol 2 CD 2004 USA Edit
The Time of Bells Vol 3 CD 2005 USA Edit
SUIKINKUTSU : A Japanese Underground Water Zither CD 2006 USA Edit