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Stephen Vitiello is a composer of electronic music and media artist. He works in mediums ranging between installation, internet, video, film, dance and music for audio CD.He has collaborated with musicians, visual artists and choreographers, among them Pauline Oliveros, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Constance DeJong, Nam June Paik, Scanner, Frances-Marie Uitti. I am interested in the physicality of sound and its potential to define the shape, feel and color of a room. I wish to explore how people receive sound and how I may create a work, with no visual component, that a viewer will be enticed into listening with the attention that they would give to a visual or audio-visual work.
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Bite for Andrew Deutsch Soundwork - USA Edit
Cinematic with Crashing Roof Soundwork - USA Edit
SoundSurface Live Performance with Scanner England Edit
The Light of Falling Cars CD unspecified USA Edit
uknown uknown Brooklyn Academy of Music USA Edit
uknown uknown P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center USA Edit
uknown uknown Cheekwood Museum of Art USA Edit
uknown uknown National Galerie Hamburger Bahnhoff Germany Edit
uknown uknown Festival of Film and Architecture Austria Edit
uknown uknown Philadelphia Museum of Art USA Edit
uknown uknown WDR Radio USA Edit
totlop pak filters: by Stephen Vitiello (1) - unspecified USA Edit
totlop pak filters: by Stephen Vitiello (2) - unspecified USA Edit
Autumn Light CD The Deep Listening Catalog VS-CD-0 USA Edit
Intriguing People CD The Deep Listening Catalog VS-CD-1 USA Edit
Chairs Not Stairs CD The Deep Listening Catalog VS-CD-2 USA Edit
Scratchy Marimba CD The Deep Listening Catalog VS-CD-3 USA Edit
Bright and Dusty Things CD The Deep Listening Catalog VS-CD-4 USA Edit
17:46 at Texas Gallery CD The Deep Listening Catalog VS-CD-5 USA Edit
Uitti/Vitiello - Frances-Marie Uitti and Stephen Vitiello CD The Deep Listening Catalog VS-CD-7 USA Edit
Sounds Building in the Fading Light 10 LP The Deep Listening Catalog VS-R-1 USA Edit
Fantastic Prayers Web Project / CD-Rom Dia Art Foundation 1995 USA Edit
Ear to the Image: Soundtracks by Steven Vitiello Sound for video Falkirk Cultural Center 1996 USA Edit
uknown uknown The Performing Garage 1997 USA Edit
uknown Installation 1998 Germany Edit
World Trade Center project Installation New York World Trade Center 1999 USA Edit
Tetrasomia Online Project Dia Art Foundation 2000 USA Edit
I am Sitting in a Room:Sound Works by America Curation Whitney 2000 USA Edit
Sound Archive Online Project 2001 USA Edit
New York, New Sound, New Spaces, Curation Musée Art Contemporain 2002 France Edit
We Were Moving Together, Moving Apart. Not Speaking/Sleeping Together sound installation Former Polish Embassy, Unter den Linden 2005 Germany Edit
Heaven and Hell Installation Solvent Space 2005 USA Edit