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Bebe Barron, along with husband Louis Barron, was far enough ahead of her time that her ideas remain futuristic today. The Barrons didn’t just produce the first full-length electronic film score with Forbidden Planet; they created an ambient sonic world between music and special effects, and tied it to cybernetic theories. That score stands in contrast to films still dominated by Alfred Newman-style, post-Wagnerian theatrics. Today, artists are only just re-discovering the possibilities of electronic sound without the use of synths and samplers, built from scratch as the Barrons did. Bebe Barron’s work went well beyond Forbidden Planet, however. She went on to produce music for film, tape, and technology well into her later life. She was an early leader of the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music, and continued — with her husband, and as a solo composer following his death — to lead the way in finding new compositional purposes for electronic sound. Accessed 04.08.2009 from http://createdigitalmusic.com/2008/04/21/obituary-bebe-barron-pioneering-electronic-composer/
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9 West 8th Street Electronic Music Studio Greenwich Village, NY USA Edit
Contemporary Classics Record Label - USA Edit
Heavenly Menagerie Electronic Tape Composition - 1950 USA Edit
Bells of Atlantis Film Soundtrack - 1952 USA Edit
Forbidden Planet Film Soundtrack - 1956 USA Edit
Jazz of Lights Film Soundtrack - 1956 USA Edit
Bridges-Go-Round Film Soundtrack - 1958 USA Edit
The Very Eye of Night Film Soundtrack featured music by Teiji Ito 1959 USA Edit
The Circe Circuit Tape Composition - 1982 USA Edit
Elegy for a Dying Planet Tape Composition - 1982 USA Edit
Mixed Emotions Electronic Composition University of California, Santa Barbara 1999 USA Edit