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Over the past twenty- three years I have been researching sound design and have been implementing the fruits of that research as an internationally recognised practising sound artist. My original sound works have been commissioned for the most prestigious international sound art events, including the Zeitgleich Symposium (1994, ORF Wien, Austrian Radio and Transit digital art company, Innsbruck, Austria), the 6 Exquisites Sound Art Festival (1999, USA) and the Studio of Acoustic Art, (WDR Koln, 1992, 1994, 1997, Germany). As a curator I have mounted several large sound events engaging both Australian and international artists, (e.g.Beaming the Theremin, installing the Grainger Museum in sound and light, Melbourne International Festival, 1998, Hearing Place 2003). As a sound installation artist I have created some 45 sound installations world -wide. I have invented interactive sound playback systems which include the audience and provide a place for them to fully participate in the design of my works. My original works including 7 solo CDs are published internationally
49 Selected Statements
      Worktype Info Year Country Admin
Winds and Circuits, and Surfaces and Cavities Installation Clifton Hill Community Music Centre 1977 Australia Edit
The Flagong, Instrument Design The Third Sculpture Triennial 1978 Australia Edit
The Sound Playground Installation Temple Park 1981 Australia Edit
La Romanesca Concert 1982 Hong Kong Edit
Musica Viva, La Romanesca Concert Early Music International tour 1982 England Edit
Touch Sound, Sound Sculpture Roar Studios 1985 Australia Edit
SSIIPP, Installation unspecified 1985 Australia Edit
Aqua Musica, Installation Rollins College Swimming Pool 1987 Australia Edit
Altars of Power and Desire Installation Ball State University 1987 USA Edit
Aeolian Harps, Instrument Design 1987 Australia Edit
Sound Icons, Installlation The Quarries Project, 1987 Australia Edit
The White Room, Installation ISCM 1992 Poland Edit
Pillars of memory Installation unspecified 1993 Austria Edit
Audite Installation Mechanics Institute, 1993 Australia Edit
Dangerous Choices interactive sonic objects. St Johns 1994 Canada Edit
Voicing the Murray Installation The Mildura Arts Festival 1996 Australia Edit
A Garden for Percy’s Delight Installation 1997 Australia Edit
A Global Bridge for Percy Installation unspecified 1997 Australia Edit
A Global Garden for Percy Network Performance Melbourne International Festival 1997 Australia Edit
Beaming the Theremin Curation /Installation Melbourne International Festival 1998 Australia Edit
The Aeolian Pier and Sound Garden, Installation Lillies Beach 1998 Australia Edit
Speak Before Its Too Late, Installation Catholic University 1999 Australia Edit
The Invisible Cities. Installation Equus, the Stables 1999 Australia Edit
Water Medicine, Alchemy Exhibition touring exhibition curated by Kevin Murray 1999 Australia Edit
Stack , Electroacoustic Work Move Records 1999 Australia Edit
The Six Exquisites Installation 1999 USA Edit
Serendipity, Installation unspecified 2000 Australia Edit
Platine Concert 2001 Switzerland Edit
Tricks no Treats Concert Tacheles 2001 Germany Edit
Stack Sound Installation Mildura Art Gallery 2001 Australia Edit
Palimpsest Installation Mildura Art Gallery 2001 Australia Edit
The Australian Sound Design Project Website 2001 Australia Edit
Silo Stories Installation Horsham Regional Art Gallery 2002 Australia Edit
Mack Memories Installation Geelong Art Gallery 2002 Australia Edit
Inside /Outside Radiophonic The Scent of Time 2002 Australia Edit
Kims Song Radiophonic unspecified 2002 Australia Edit
Water Medicine Installation unspecified 2003 Australia Edit
Silo Stories Installation RMIT. 2003 Australia Edit
The Listening Place Sound Sculpture 2003 Australia Edit
Das Weiss Gold Radiophonic VCA Gallery, 2003 Australia Edit
Women in Sound, 360 Degrees, Installation RMIT 2003 Australia Edit
The Memory Grid Stack Video, Installation Centre for the Moving Image 2003 Australia Edit
Via Galah, Silos Stories from Merrinee to Ja Radiophonic unspecified 2003 Australia Edit
Mungo Installation Lake Mungo, NSW 2006 Australia Edit
Sonic Archaeologies CD West Deutsche Rundfunk, Cologne. Released by Move Records 2006 Germany Edit
Radio Interview Interview 2008 Edit
Isobue Double CD 2008 Australia Edit
Shima 8 Sonic Haiku for Kumi Installation 2008 Australia Edit
Iso Nagecki (Sea Lament) 5.1 surround sound installation 2008 Australia Edit