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Educated at Canterbury Cathedral Choir School, Cornelius went on to the Royal Academy of Music 1953 where he studied 'cello, piano and composition, immersing himself in the new classical music of the time. He continued studies in electronic music in Germany becoming Stockhausen's assistant 1958, and studied with Petrassi in Italy 1964. Returning to UK he took a course in Graphics and worked intermittently as a graphic artist during his life. Work, music and politics took him to many countries in Europe and North America Cornelius was involved in many new cultural and political activities throughout his life from * improvising in AMM; * the formation of the Scratch Orchestra a body of professional and amateur musicians, composers, artists and performers; * promoting experimental music; writing articles, criticism and a book Stockhausen Serves Imperialism perspectives from the Scratch Orchestra experience, 1974; * Developing music which was accessible and relevant to the working class struggles of the time with Peoples' Liberation Music; * Secretary of Progressive Cultural Association, 1976; * Writing new classical works; musical educator and lecturer - not only as a professor at the Royal Academy of music but also in colleges, schools, prisons, etc; international tours and participation in cultural events and so on. * His participation in culture and politics and in many other activities such as fighting fascist and racist attacks led him to become a founder member of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist). In the last few months of his life Cornelius had just enrolled for a Masters Degree, had been banned from the house of Commons, Chaired a national conference against racism and fascism and organised a concert on the same theme, held a meeting to present the plans for the Second Sports and Cultural Festival which was to be held in the UK and of which he was secretary, organised pickets and demonstrations, among other activities, when he was killed in December 1981 by a hit and run driver. Cornelius was always an innovator and his influence in Britain and other countries was considerable. Accessed 14.03.2007 from
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Radio Retrospective Radio Project England Edit
Treatise Graphic Score - 1968 England Edit
Memorial Concert Octet 71 Composition 1971 England Edit
Scratch Orchestra Improvising Orchestra 1971 England Edit
Memorial Concert First Movement Performance 1985 England Edit
Memorial Concert Paragraph 1 Composition 1985 England Edit
Memorial Concert The Workers Song Composition 1985 England Edit
Memorial Concert Smash The Social Contract Composition 1985 England Edit
Memorial Concert There is only one lie Composition 1985 England Edit