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Cathy Lane is composer, sound designer and Course Leader for the BA in Sound Art and Design at the University of the Arts, London. She has a PhD in electroacoustic music composition from City University. Recent work includes a number of projects with choreographer Rosemary Butcher including “Hidden Voices” which reached the final of the The Place Prize in 2004; ”White” a performance installation premiered at the Muffathalle, Munich, Germany in Feb. 2003; “Scan, a collaborative installation project with visual artist Vong Phaopanit and shown at the Hayward Gallery, London; “Slow Still Divided” a dance piece which was premiered at the opening of new TanzQuartier in Vienna in October 2001, and “Undercurrent” a dance film, selected in 29th International Eletroacoustic Music and Sonic Art at Bourges 2002. All of these works have been performed worldwide. She has an ongoing interest in sound, memory and history which has lead to projects such as “The Memory Machine“ an interactive sound installation (in collaboration with composer Nye Parry) premiered at Cybersonica at the ICA, London in 2002 and further developed in collaboration with the British Museum and installed as part of its 250th Anniversary exhibition “The Museum of the Mind: Art and Memory in World Cultures” for six months in 2003, and “Hidden Lives” a multi channel site specific sound installation using material from the sound archives of Hackney Archives and Hackney Museum and commissioned by the Stoke Newington Festival. More recently she was invited to worked as a visiting artist with students in India to produce a site specific installation exploring local history in Bangalore. She has written and delivered papers on this area in Organised Sound, The Oral History Journal and at Sound Practice. Previous electroacoustic music works have explored the metaphorical use of space and gesture as a compositional parameter. Other works include compositions and sound design for large scale outdoor theatre productions, film and video soundtracks, live performance and installation work. Cathy Lane is particularly interested in cross arts and cross platform collaborative work as well as exploring the boundaries and extending the possibilities of work in the sonic arts. She has twice been an invited artist at Facets, a three week International Choreography and Digital Arts Laboratory held in Bangalore, India, presented by the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts exploring a multi-disciplinary and multi cultural approach to creating performance work. She directed the Sound Space performance Lab a short research project investigating the relationship between sound and other art forms and has been an invited speaker at “Speculative Strategies 2: Mutuality – Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Arts Practice,” Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, University of Bath and at “State of Affairs: Exploring the Relationship between visual and sonic arts” , Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University. Invited speaker and chair. She is currently engaged in research into live audio visual performance and the design and development of new software tools.
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Slow Still Divided dance piece TanzQuartier in Vienna in October 2001 Austria Edit
The Memory Machine Museum Installation British Museum. Premiered at Cybersonica at Global Cafe, Soho, London. 2002 England Edit
Scan collaborative installation project Hayward Gallery, London 2002 England Edit
Undercurrent dance film International Eletroacoustic Music and Sonic Art, Bourges 2002 France Edit
White performance installation London, South Bank Centre, 12th-13th February 2004, Kopenhagen, venue: Dansescenen, 1st to 3rd April 2004, Zagreb, venue: ZKM Theater/Dance Week Festival, 27th May 2004, Munich, Vienna. 2003 Germany Edit
Hidden Lives multi channel site specific sound installation Stoke Newington Festival 2003 England Edit
Hidden Voices dance piece unspecified 2004 England Edit
Mic/Line Interactive sound installation Bangalore Biennial, St Johns Auditorium, Koromangala, Bangalore 2004 India Edit
On the Machair Soundwork 2008 Scotland Edit