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o.blaat was named after 'oblaat' - flavourless, melting, semi-transparant thin edible paper, exists only to melt and disappear. In Japan, it was used to wrap bitter medicine (esp. for children easy to swallow it), and candies (not to stick together in hot climate.) o.blaat creates environment and situations where sounds being heard, sounds for circumstances, sounds for bones and spines. o.blaat is curious to experiment one's relationship with sounds. o.blaat is personal, and love to create massive mess to disappear into. The Art of Disappearance continues. Based in Brooklyn, New York, sound artist, composer, and core member of SHARE, o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi) is known for her sound works formed through experiments in restructuring and analyzing one's relationship with sounds, through kinesthetic response as well as aural cognition. Her "Aboard: Fillip 2", a site-specific audio-light interactive piece for a cargo container, was one of three sound art exhibitions simultaneously opened in East London, UK, in June 2005, as a part of 'six sites for sound' project curated by, and o.blaat was an invitee to perform at Tate Britain for the 'six sites' opening. She received a Van Lier Foundation/Harvestworks fellowship in 2001 and was artist-in-residence in 2004, creating a sound-movement composition tool "Che Shire" in collaboration with Viennese composer/programmer, Klaus Filip. Currently, she is an artist-in-residence 2006-7 at Center for Computer Music, Brooklyn College, NY, and working on Master of Science degree in Integrated Digital Media at Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY. More information is available at and (w/ firefox) . Accessed 5.1..06 from
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Across-Offshoot Soundwork - USA Edit
beat piece - - Edit
audio coat check - - Edit
across - Edit
pitchbrite duo - 1997 USA Edit
Lappatites laptop quintet - 2001 USA Edit
unnamed installation performance - 2001 USA Edit
fillip light-audio interactive Vox Populi Gallery 2002 USA Edit
coupier - The Kitchen Art Gallery, New York City, as a part of Electronic X-travaganza Festival 2002 USA Edit
Perfect If On Sound Work Andrew Kreps Gallery 2002 USA Edit
during the brief twilight Soundwork - 2003 USA Edit
Two Novels: Gaze/In the Cochlea CD cronica ( 2004 Portugal Edit
Aboard: Fillip2 Installation Fortescue Gallery, London 2005 England Edit
Suds Dreams audio-visual performative piece OSC//8 at TDLF festival, Geneve 2006 Switzerland Edit
moire - OSC//8 at TDLF festival, Geneve 2006 Switzerland Edit
Jai un secret merveilleux: Midas Installation Citysonic 2006 Festival 2006 Belgium Edit