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For 16 years I have been working with A/V multimedia under the name People Like Us. The output has consisted of 20 album releases, numerous singles, live sets (both solo and collaborations), remixes, a DVD, and over 100 radio shows. I am primarily involved working almost exclusively with audio and visual archives of various kinds, and processing analogue and digital media across many platforms and formats. Working with archives reflects my philosophy that past works should be readily available for reference both in theory and practice for present and future practitioners. The art of People Like Us centres on the appropriating or sampling of works that exist with a previous context. This raw footage is sometimes recognisable with it's own history and connotations, and sometimes obscure, abstract or concrete sounds. The golden rule is always to recontextualise the source's sound or meaning, the aim being to take this footage on a journey, where along the way it meets other material, all collaborating on a platform that could never happen in real life, creating a unique atmosphere. Accessed 6.11.06 from
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Jingle CD - 2001 England Edit
Mr Rotovator CD - 2001 England Edit
Another kind of CD - 2001 England Edit
Untitled Performance Performance 2001 England Edit
We Edit Life - - 2002 England Edit
Recyclopaedia Britannica Album Mess Media/Soleilmoon Cat#: MM040302 2002 England Edit
The Remote Controller - - 2003 England Edit
Chistmas Performance Tate Modern, London 2004 England Edit
WFMU Performance - 2004 USA Edit
Story without End Film Sonic Arts Network 2005 England Edit
Boots Live Performance PRS Foundation for New Music and Arts Council England. Quay Arts Centre in Newport 2006 England Edit
Resemblage short film Optronica Festival , British Film Institutes IMAX cinema and the National Film Theatre 2006 England Edit