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patrick mcginley (aka murmer) is an american born sound and performance artist who has lived and worked in europe since 1996. from 1996 until 1998 he lived in paris, france, where he studied theatre, and began his sound experiments in the context of those studies. moving to london, uk, in 1998, he began a collection of found sounds and found objects that would become the basis of all his work. he has composed works for several theatre performances, including the works of his own company, as well as performing live soundworks for others. in 2002 he co-founded framework, an organisation that produces a biweekly radio show on london's resonance104.4fm. his work concentrates on the framing of sounds from our environment which normally pass through our ears unnoticed and unremarked, but which out of context become unrecognisable, alien and extraordinary: crackling charcoal, a squeaking escalator, a buzzing insect, or one’s own breath. current projects: murmer's first collaborative project, husk, with jonathan coleclough, has now been released on colin potter's icr label in britian. this follows four cd releases for the labels ground fault (u.s.a.), bake records (netherlands), s'agita recordings (italy), and absurd (greece), and an mp3 release for ctrlaltcanc (italy). he has recently finished an extended stay and several projects at moks center for art and social practice in mooste, estonia, and is now planning travels in france, italy and the u.s. he is constantly developing new material, solo and in collaboration with other sound, visual and performance artists.
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eyes like a fish part 1:3 - From the album of the same name. Released by sagita recordings 2002 England Edit
rumer (excerpt) - From the album .murmer. Released by bake records 2002 England Edit
framework 1 Unreleased Soundwork unspecified 2002 England Edit
the garden Unreleased Soundwork unspecified 2002 England Edit
oracle extended (excerpt) - From the album definition released by absurd 2003 England Edit
Buzzing Intercom, Gospel Oak Field Recording - 2003 England Edit
untitled (william english) Unreleased Soundwork unspecified 2003 England Edit
binaural haircut, london, 10.2003 Unreleased Soundwork unspecified 2003 England Edit
elements - released by ground fault 2004 England Edit
they were dreaming they were stones - released by ground fault 2004 England Edit
wind and sand, portugal, 07.2004 Unreleased Soundwork unspecified 2004 England Edit