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Sonic Youth began in 1981 downtown New York City -Thurston Moore - guitar, vocals, Kim Gordon - bass, guitar, vocals, Lee Ranaldo - guitar vocals. the band made its 1st eponymously titled mini-LP released in 1982 by Neutral Records, a label founded by NYC guitar/composer Glen Branca. Lee and Thurston were witness to the original 1976/77 NYC CBGB/Max’s scene of Television, Patti Smith, Suicide, Ramones, etc. Kim was in L.A. studying as a visual artist. they started playing during the era (1978/79) of what is termed No Wave----harsh, challengeing abrasive music informed by rock, noise, jazz and modern composition/experimentation. With cheap guitars and various hot rodded tunings they wrote songs like no one else. The vibe was fresh and, though mirroring the nihilism of no wave, had notions of forward positivity. By 1984 their sound had developed into a more mature pop/noise hybrid with a genuine experimental flair for structure. They went to London and destoyed all who heard and watched. Sonic Youth, in a New York minute, wiped the death of the electric guitar concept out, and went on to further the explosion of recognition for the new U.S. underground. Things have not been the same since. Accessed 11.12.06 from
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Scream Tape (live) Tape Composition Tellus No. 1 1983 USA Edit
The Bridge Soundwork Tellus #10 1985 USA Edit
Skrewer Boy Soundwork Tellus # 10 1985 USA Edit
Ciccone Youth Album - 1987 USA Edit
X Girl Clothing Label 1994 USA Edit
HWY Song Installation 1996-99. Show 2000 at Sonic Boom, Hayward Gallery, London 1996 England Edit
Legend of the Blood Yeti Album - 1997 England Edit
6 Minutes and 5 Seconds - - 1997 USA Edit
El Oido (The Ear) Four channel tape work in wood enclosure - 1999 USA Edit
Piano Piece #13 (for Nam June Paik) Realisation - 1999 USA Edit
Text of Light Improvising Ensemble Project - 1999 USA Edit
Having Never Written a Note for Percussion Realisation composer James Tenney (1934-2006) arranger William Winant (b. 1953) performers Sonic Youth: Kim Gordon, electric guitar Lee Ranaldo, electric guitar Steve Shelley, bass drum Thurston Moore, electric guitar with William Winant, percussion Jim O 1999 USA Edit
SYR4: Goodbye 20th Century CD SYR 1999 USA Edit
Four Organs torn photo in glassine envelopes - 2000 USA Edit
SYR5: Kim Gordon/Ikue Mori/DJ Olive CD SYR 2000 USA Edit
kim gordons art show Exhibition PARTICIPANT INC Gallery - 95 Rivington Street - New York City 2003 USA Edit
Rodney Graham by Kim Gordon Web Article 2003 USA Edit
Kim Gordon Solo Exhibiton exhibition Yorks Participant Inc Gallery 2003 England Edit
Kim Gordon Exhibiton exhibition Gothenburg Biennale 2003 Sweden Edit
Club In The Shadow Installation Kenny Schachters Contemporary Gallery NYC 2003 USA Edit
Lee Ranado and Christian Marclay Performance - 2004 USA Edit
Reverse Karaoke Installation HER NOISE, SOUTH LONDON GALLERY, London 2005 England Edit
Kims Bedroom Installation Parco Gallery 2005 Netherlands Edit
Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture Book Universe 2006 USA Edit
Maelstrom Multichannel Performance The Morning Line Art Pavillion 2008 Spain Edit