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Morton Feldman was born in New York on January 12, 1926. Music became a part of his life at an early age. As a twelve-year-old, he studied piano with Madame Maurina-Press and began to write his own compositions. In 1949, Feldman met John Cage and developed an artistic association crucial to music in America in the 1950s. Cage encouraged Feldman to trust his instincts, advice which helped free Feldman to create his totally intuitive compositions. He has never used any formalized systems, working instead from moment to moment, from one sound to the next. Feldman surrounded himself with creative geniuses. His friends in 1950s New York included composers Earle Brown and Christian Wolff; painters Mark Rothko, Philip Guston, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock and Robert Rauschenberg; and pianist David Tudor. The painters in particular influenced Feldman to search for his own sound world, one that was more immediate and more physical than any Feldman had explored before. Feldman developed a graph notation form of music which relied heavily on player improvisation. Though he returned to precise notation in 1969, he remains notorious for his extremely long, indeterminate works. accessed 15.11.06 from
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Only Composition - USA Edit
Voice Violin and Piano Composition - USA Edit
Rothko Chapel Composition - USA Edit
Crippled Symmetry 1 Composition - USA Edit
Piano Piece Composition Voice Box - Derby, 2002. 1955 USA Edit
Piano Three Hands Composition Firth Hall, Sheffield, 12 April 2005 1957 USA Edit
Last Pieces Composition Igloo Studio, Brussels on the 4th of July 2001 1959 USA Edit
The King of Denmark Composition - 1963 USA Edit
Vertical Thoughts 4 Composition Voice Box - Derby - England - 2002. 1963 USA Edit
Give My Regards To Eighth Street Spoken Wrod - 1968 USA Edit
Cello and Orchestra Composition 1972 USA Edit
Voices and Cello Composition - 1973 USA Edit
Piano and Orchestra Composition 1975 USA Edit
Oboe and Orchestra Composition 1976 USA Edit
Instruments III Composition - 1977 USA Edit
For John Cage Composition Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C 1983 USA Edit
A Very Short Trumpet Piece Composition St Cyprians Church, London 1986 USA Edit