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Pauline Oliveros, composer, performer and humanitarian is an important pioneer in American Music. Acclaimed internationally, for four decades she has explored sound -- forging new ground for herself and others. Through improvisation, electronic music, ritual, teaching and meditation she has created a body of work with such breadth of vision that it profoundly effects those who experience it and eludes many who try to write about it. On some level, music, sound consciousness and religion are all one, and she would seem to be very close to that level. John Rockwell Oliveros' commitment to interaction with the moment is unchanged. She can make the sound of a sweeping siren into another instrument of the ensemble. Through Deep Listening Pieces and earlier Sonic Meditations Oliveros introduced the concept of incorporating all environmental sounds into musical performance. To make a pleasurable experience of this requires focused concentration, skilled musicianship and strong improvisational skills, which are the hallmarks of Oliveros' form. In performance Oliveros uses an accordion which has been re-tuned in two different systems of her just intonation in addition to electronics to alter the sound of the accordion and to explore the individual characteristics of each room. Accessed 5.11.06 from
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Recording Field, H DVD - USA Edit
Ghostdance CD Lincoln Center, New York, Out-of -Doors. USA Edit
Time Perspectives. Tape Composition San Francisco Tape Music Center (SFTMC). 1959 USA Edit
No Mo CD University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio 1965 USA Edit
Electronic Works CD - 1965 USA Edit
Bye Bye Butterfly Composition San Francisco Tape Music Center 1965 USA Edit
5000 miles Composition - 1966 USA Edit
AlienBog/Beautiful Soop CD Mills College in California 1966 USA Edit
I of IV Composition University of Toronto Electroacoustic Studios (UTEMS) 1966 Canada Edit
Lions Eye/Lions Tale CD Barbara Benary for Gamelan Son of Lion. Lions Eye for Synthesizer was commissioned concurrently by Neil Rolnick for iEAR Presents at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Both versions were performed in 1985. 1985 USA Edit
Taras Room - Two Meditations on Transition and Change CD - 1987 USA Edit
The Roots of the Moment CD - 1988 USA Edit
Deep Listening CD Album NA022 1989 USA Edit
Troglodytes Delight CD - 1990 USA Edit
Fritz Hauser - Deep Time CD Deep Listening Institute for Deep Listening Band. 1991 USA Edit
Concert for Voice and Accordion Performance Große Refraktor of Zentralinstitut für Astrophysik of Akademie der Wissenschaften 1991 Germany Edit
The Deep Listening Band Ensemble - 1992 USA Edit
Pauline Oliveros and American Voices CD Pomfret, Connecticut in 1992. 1992 USA Edit
Non Stop Flight CD Mills College 1996 USA Edit
Four Meditations for Orchestra Composition - 1996 USA Edit
Suspended Music DVD - 1997 USA Edit
The Expanded Instrument System MAX/MSP environment for live performance - 1998 USA Edit
Primordial Lift - Full Version CD Table of the Elements label long out of print, this version of the recording contains an additional 30 minutes of material not included on the original release. Recorded live on March 20, 1998 at Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY 1998 USA Edit
Out of the Dark Composition - 1998 USA Edit
Live at the Ijsbreker January 24,1999 CD Ysbreker, Amsterdam 1999 Netherlands Edit
Goodbye 20th Century CD - 2000 USA Edit
100 Meeting Places for all ensembles - - 2007 USA Edit
Tintinnabulate multimedia ensemble - 2007 USA Edit