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a combo of UK players roughly in the area of electro-acoustic, except that everything they do is performed and recorded in real time, with no overdubs. That's an important distinction; if editing and tape manipulation end up producing a species of cultivated garden, then the Morphogenesis technique is to generate each separate sound world, from a variety of semi-controlled sources, and let everything grow like a wild forest. If this style of husbandry appeals then glom their CDs as soon as you can. Morphogenesis have a library of tapes, and periodically issue highlights from the collection.Morphogenesis never fail in their unique capability, every time slowly building up a world that envelops the listener with individual, elemental characteristics. Michael Prime is usually occupied adding the water component, be it condensation or ice crystals. Another player adds radio dialogue samples in stuttering bursts, the rudimentary speech of this world's strange populace. Elsewhere, building blocks are assembled and strange temples are constructed, towers built of wood swaying in the breeze. At least four of the key players are also visual-arts inclined, judging by the four photographs of equally abstract ambiguous beauty adorning Solarisation. Accessed 7.12.06 from
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Buttons Soundwork - England Edit
Solarisation CD Germany Streamline 1006 1994 England Edit
Formative Causation CD Label: Mycophile 1997 England Edit
Charivari Music CD Paradigm 1998 England Edit
Improvisations CD Label: CEDI 1999 England Edit
Stromatolites CD Label: Vintage Electronic 1999 England Edit
In Streams, Vol. 1: 1996-1999 CD Label: Paradigm 2001 England Edit