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Dan Senn..is a composer of experimental classical music, electronic and acoustic, a sculptor of new instruments for exhibition and performance, an experimental video artist for installation and proscenium play, a ceramist, and a documentary film artist. He performs and exhibits world-wide and creates ephermeral public art projects which bring experimental work to alternative audiences. His work is greatly influenced by elegant awkwardness of the raku ceramic process and, while highly expressive, devoid of intended metaphor. Dan Senn is a sound artist who came to contemporary music by way of the visual arts. Trained since childhood as French horn player and vocalist, he began studying ceramics and raku pottery in 1972, an ancient ceramic method which fundamentally shifted his aesthetic. In 1977 he began building sculptural instruments and soon after began developing computer softwareto emulate the raku process in musical compositions which, like his instruments, exhibits the peculiar paradox of raku--that is, highly considerate, non-linear systems which exist, in part, to confound the will of the artist. Since 1974 he has kept personal journals, a practice which has greatly influenced his live performance and installation work. Over the last ten years his instrument building has centered on the development of pendulum-based instruments which have varied in size from 18"x18"x18" to outdoor versions covering 600sf. These are often integrated with his interview and videos, the latter closely linked to his improvisational and compositional methods. He has toured Europe, New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada exhibiting and performing at festivals and experimental venues. In 1995 he was awarded the McKnight Composer-in-Residence Award for the State of Minnesota where, among other projects, he produced the Catacombs of Yucatan Sound and Video Installation within a remote limestone cave located in the southeastern corner of that state. In 1997 he was awarded the Artist Trust 10th Anniversary President's Award (Seattle) for his influence on the arts throughout the Pacific Northwest, and in 1998 he was awarded the first Artist-in-Residence for 1998 at the University of Washington at Tacoma and first prize at the Papier Bienale at the Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren, Germany. In 2002 his documentary film, The Exquisite Risk of Civil War Brass, won at the da Vinci Film Festival. His scored music is published by Smith Publications, Sonic Arts Editions, and AM Percussion Publications. His recorded music is available from the NI Archive, Experimental Musical Instruments and Periplum Records. Dan Senn has a doctorate in Music Compositon and Ceramic Sculpture (minor) from the University of Illinois where his principal instructors were Salvatore Martirano, Ben Johnston, and Herbert Brün. At the UW-LaCrosse he studied art with Leonard Stach and music composition with Dr. Truman Hayes. He has been a Lecturer in Electronic Music at the Canberra School of Music in Australia ('80-84), an Associate Professor of Composition at Ball State University in Indiana ('87-92), and a Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana ('86). In 1993 he founded Newsense Intermedium, an non-profit presenting organization specializing in experimental performing arts for which he is the Artistic Director. NI has produced numerous concert series and ephemeral public art events including the Six Exquisites International Sound Art Festival ('85, '97 and '99) and The Munipal Dock Sound Installation ('93).
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Scrapercussion #9 Installation Commerce Street Studio, Tacoma 1992 USA Edit
Pitching Pennies Through Glass Installation Kittredge Gallery, University of Puget Sound 1994 USA Edit
Photo Speakers Installation Kittredge Gallery, University of Puget Sound 1994 USA Edit
Plate Tech Tonics Installation Center of Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA 1994 USA Edit
Telelyre: Teleliar Installation Open Space, Victoria, B.C. 1994 Canada Edit
Catacombs of Yucatan Installation Arizona State University (exhibited also in Düren, Germany 1998-1999, and New York City, 2001) 1995 USA Edit
Vakio CD BLAST FIRST BFFP118 CD 1996 Finland Edit
Pendulyres, Pendulings, Over Ground and Other Things Installation Washington State History Museum 1996 USA Edit
reSite Installation SoundCulture 96,Falkirk Cultural Center, San Francisco. 1996 USA Edit
Petes Pool Sound and Video Installation Installation - 1997 USA Edit
Water-driven Canopy Lyre Installation Point Defiance Sound Garden. 1997 USA Edit
Tulips Amidst Too Lips Installation Commerce Street Studio, Tacoma 1999 USA Edit
Catacomb Memories Installation Acoustic Animation Computing Commons Gallery Institute for Studies in the Arts Arizona State University and Diapason Gallery, NYC 2001 2000 USA Edit
Three Girls From the Heart Installation Charles Wright Academy, Lakewood, WA 2000 USA Edit
Two Cabins: Family Happiness Installation Nature Consortium Camp Long, Seattle 2000 USA Edit
Three Awakenings Installation Port Angeles Fine Arts Center Sculpture Park 2000 USA Edit
Son et Lumiere: Volunteer Park Archeologies sound and video installation Volunteer Park Conservatory 2001 USA Edit
Bipolar Bird Cage Installation Cornish School of the Arts in Seattle, Washington 2002 USA Edit
Waves of Grain Installation Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik Witten, Germany 2003 Germany Edit
International Space Band Project - Portland and Prague 2005 USA Edit
The Odradek Complex Installation The Eleventh Annual Theatre Festival, Prague 2006 Czech Republic Edit
Uncovered States Installation Galeria At April 3-11, 2006 UL. SOLNA 4 POZNAN 2006 Poland Edit
Surface to Air New music, video and sound sculpture Osrodek Sztuki, Lublin 2006 Poland Edit
Many Pairs Sounding Installation Portland Art Center 2007 USA Edit
Fanning Rejection Sound Installation 2008 USA Edit
Drumming with Thoreau Kinetic Sound Sculpture and Video University Art Gallery The University of Wisconsin - La Crosse 1725 State Street, La Crosse, WI 54601 October 23 - November 14, 2009 2009 USA Edit
Twisted Pairs, Expanding Kinetic Sound Installation Alexander Gallery Clackamas Community College Oregon City . Feb 2-March 27, 2009 M-F. 9a-5p Lecture, Feb 12, 2p Reception, Feb 26, 5:30-7:30p 2009 USA Edit
Cycling China with Twelve Bells kinetic sound sculpture Nightingale Gallery Eastern Oregon University La Grande, Oregon 2010 USA Edit