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Masami Akita the Godfather of Noise was born in 1956 in Tokyo, Japan. Akita formed the premier Japanese Noise group Merzbow in 1979. Merzbow have released over 250 recordings on tape, LP and CD to date. Akita has worked with many different media, both in the directorial and soundtrack role. He has also developed performance works and art installations involving butoh dance and other Japanese cultural forms. Merzbow has collaborated with many of today's most important recording artists and continues to be one of the most prolific musicians alive. Accessed 12.12.06 from
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Lowest Music and Arts Record Label 1979 Japan Edit
Remblandt Assemblage Noise Cassette 1980 Japan Edit
Metal Acoustic Music Noise Lowest Music and Arts 1981 Japan Edit
Collection Era Vol. 1 Cassette Noise 1981 Japan Edit
ZSF Produkt Record Label 1984 Japan Edit
Mechanization Takes Command Album ZSF Produckt 1984 Japan Edit
Age Of 369 Chant 2 CD Extreme, XLTD 002 1985 Australia Edit
Cloud Cock 00 Grand CD ZSF Produkt, MERZ CD-01 1990 Japan Edit
Eleven Live Collaborations CD Selektion, SCD 010 1992 Germany Edit
Electroknots Parts 1 and 2 7 picture disc Joint released with Dirter Promotions in an edition of 1000 copies. Deleted. 1994 England Edit
Noisembryo Sounding Object 1994 Japan Edit
The Prosperity Of Vice - The Misfortune Of Virtue CD I Records, IRE2022 1996 England Edit
Masami Akita and Zbigniew Karkowski (aka MAZK) CD OR, IF 2 1997 Japan Edit
Maldoror Noise Duo 1997 Australia Edit
A Perfect Pain CD - 1999 England Edit
Masami Akita and Zbigniew Karkowski (MAZK) - Live CD Noise Asia Ltd, NAIM09CD 2000 China Edit
Masami Akita and Zbigniew Karkowski - Mazk CD Tigerbeat6, meow014 2000 USA Edit
Merzbox 50 CD BoxSet 2000 Australia Edit
Zeitkratzer - Noise\...[lärm] CD Tourette, TICK 4 2001 Japan Edit
Live At CBGBs NYC 1998 CD Digital Hardcore Recordings, DHRLTDCD12 2003 Germany Edit
Ikebana: Merzbows Amlux Rebuilt, Reused And Recycled CD Important Records, imprec016 2003 USA Edit
Catch 22 Soundwork Southern Lord 2004 USA Edit
Merzbow Vs Nordvargr | Partikel CD CSR55CD (July 2004) 2004 England Edit
Rondo 7phases Blowback CD Sub Rosa, SR213 2004 Belgium Edit
Cruelty Free Life Book 2005 Japan Edit
Metamorphism CD Very Friendly 2006 England Edit
Minazo Vol.2 LP Important Records 2006 USA Edit
Merzdub CD Caminante Recordings 2006 USA Edit