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From his earliest experiments with the medium of computer graphic systems, John Whitney Sr. has balanced a cutting edge use of technology with a strong sense of artistic control and integerity. Considered by many to be the father of Computer Graphics , John Whitney, and the entire Whitney family, have successfully linked musical composition with experimental film and computer imaging. Since his recognized works in the first International Experimental Film Competition in Belgium, 1949, to his masterpiece Arabesque in 1975, John Whitney remained a true pioneer until his passing in 1996 at age 78. Accessed 6.11.06 from
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Variations Experimental Film 1939 USA Edit
Five Abstract Film Exercises Experimental Animation 1943 USA Edit
Yantra Experimental Film - 1950 USA Edit
Catalogue - - 1961 USA Edit
Lapis Experimental Film - 1963 USA Edit
Arabesque - UCLA Health Sciences Computing Center. 1975 USA Edit
Digital Harmony Book - 1980 USA Edit
Radius-Differential Theta Differential Audio-visual Tool - 1988 USA Edit
Spirals Experimental Film - 1988 USA Edit
Moondrum Series of Computer Graphics Films - 1991 USA Edit