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In the last 30 years Jon Rose has been creating a unique body of work, almost everything imaginable on, with, and about the VIOLIN. Working with many of the significant pioneers of new music, he has appeared on over 60 CDs and performs in some 25 countries. He is a recognised virtuoso in improvisation, a composer specialised in writing works for strings and live sampling, an innovator in interactive electronics and he has also built over 20 experimental violin instruments. Accessed 24.01.06 from
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The Relative Violin 1976 Australia Edit
Squash Performance Praxis, Freemantle, Perth 1983 Australia Edit
Relative Band plays Cricket Performance The Performance Space,Sydney 1985 Australia Edit
Olympic Performance Varieté Chamaeleon, Berlin; Documenta 9, Kasel; The Post This and That Festival, Cologne; The Red Train Project, Germany; and for The ABC, Sydney. 1991 Multiple international sites Edit
Violin Music in the Age of Shopping Ongoing Project - 1993 Multiple international sites Edit
Perks Performance Sonambiente Festival, Berlin, Brisbane Biennale, Ars Elektronika Austria, Steim Amsterdam, Mousontürm, Frankfurt 1997-7 1996 Germany Edit
The Fence Radio Work / Performance Sender Freies Berlin 1998 Germany Edit
Violin Factory interactive new media performance RadioKulturhaus, Argentinierstr. 30a, A - 1040 Wien 11.00 am - Western Front Grand Lux, 303 East 8th Ave, Vancouver on air: 23.05 pm to 05.52 am - Österreich 1 on line: 1999 Multiple international sites Edit
The Hyperstring Project Violin Modification - 2000 Australia Edit
Great Fences of Australia Outdoor Performance The Melba Fence, Melbourne Festival 2002 2002 Australia Edit
Pursuit Outdoor Perofmance Ice Rink under the Big Top at Luna Park, Sydney 2004 Australia Edit
The Ball Interactive Ball Games supported in a two year fellowship (2006/7) by The Australia Council. 2004 Australia Edit
The Violano Project Instrument Modification - 2005 Australia Edit