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Artist and writer working with sound and the specifics of location. Through his work with Errant Bodies Press he has co-edited the anthologies “Site of Sound: Of Architecture and the Ear”, “Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language”, and “Surface Tension: Problematics of Site”. He initiated and curated the Beyond Music series and festivals from 1997 – 2002 at Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center in Los Angeles, and in 2001 he organized “Social Music”, a radio series for Kunstradio ORF, Vienna. His installation work has been featured in exhibitions and festivals internationally, including “Sound as Media”(2000) ICC Tokyo, Bitstreams (2001) Whitney, “Pleasure of Language”(2002) Netherlands Media Institute, and “Undercover”(2003) Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, and his writings have been included in various books and journals, including “Experimental Sound and Radio” (MIT) and “Soundspace: Architecture for Sound and Vision” (Birkhäuser). He presented a solo exhibition at Singuhr galerie in Berlin (2004), and an experimental composition for pirate drummers as part of Virtual Territories, Nantes (2005). His ongoing project to build a library of radio memories, “Phantom Radio”, will be presented fall 2006 as part of Radio Revolten, Halle Germany. He is the author of “Background Noise” (Continuum 2006). Sound is inherently and unignorably relational: it emanates, propagates, communicates, vibrates, and agitates; it leaves a body and enters others; it binds and unhinges, harmonizes and traumatizes; it sends the body moving, the mind dreaming, and the air oscillating. It seemingly eludes definition, while having profound effect. Sound teaches us, by always being temporal, spatial, and relational, that space is more than its apparent materiality, that knowledge is festive, alive as a chorus of voices, and that to produce and receive sound is to be involved in connections that make privacy intensely public. Accessed 18.10.06 from
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Id Battery Band Project Lily Events (Unique Ancient Tavern, 1996), Last Blue Before Black (Unique Ancient Tavern, 1998), Unique (Ancient Tavern Ecstatic Yod, 1998), and Inferno From An Occult Diary (S.I.W.A., 1999) 1996 USA Edit
365 Audio Work - 1997 USA Edit
maps of tenderness Audio Release SELEKTION 1998 Germany Edit
Text = CD Audio Release Errant Bodies 1999 USA Edit
Speaking in Tongues Installation [sonic]SQUARE series, Kaaitheaterstudios, Brussels, Belgium. Monday June 3 2000 USA Edit
the opening of the field Audio Release Digital Narcis 2000 USA Edit
shadow of a shadow Audio Release SELEKTION 2000 Germany Edit
Disseminating Performance Space Installation Beyond Music Sound Festival, Los Angeles 2000 USA Edit
Multitude-Solitude Composition Kunstradio and was produced during a 3-day stay in Vienna in August 2000 2000 Austria Edit
Transient Definitions Installation Beyond Music Sound Festival, Los Angeles 2001 USA Edit
techné Audio Release La Bruit Secret 2001 USA Edit
Music on a short thin wire Audio Release Ground Fault Recordings 2001 USA Edit
automatic radio Audio Release Fringes Recordings 2001 USA Edit
Social Music Radio Work / Event / Book - 2001 Austria Edit
This is a Sidewalk Performance Piece San Francisco Electronic Music Festival 2001 USA Edit
Music and its double Performance Diapason gallery, New York 2003 USA Edit
Learning from Seedbed Installation Standard Gallery Chicago, IL April 26 - June 14 2003 USA Edit
Event and its Double Installation Undercover, Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde 2003 Denmark Edit
Transportation and Recycling (proposal to the mayor) Installation Ybakatu Espaco de Arte, Curitiba. 2003 Brazil Edit
Over/Hear Performance opening performance for Genius Loci, city wide art festival, Palermo 2003 Italy Edit
I am sitting in a chair Performance Activating the Medium festival San Francisco Museum of Modern Art February 7 2003 USA Edit
Phantom Radio Web Project Internet - 2003 USA Edit
Active Ingredient picnic performance Hull Art Lab, Hull 2003 England Edit
Stairway to Heaven Performance Overgaden Sound Art Festival, 2004 Denmark Edit
Backstage Installation Parochial, Singuhr - Horgalerie in Parochial, Berlin 2004 Germany Edit
Concert Video Singuhr - Hörgalerie in Parochial Berlin September 22 - October 31 2004 Germany Edit
Hearing Things Video Overgaden Sound Art Festival, Copenhagen, August 2004, and as part of The Art of the Artists Statement, Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center, Chicago, Feburary - March 2005. 2004 Denmark Edit
concert Audio Release Sirr-ecords 2004 USA Edit
Phantom Radio Broadcast Installation Resonance FM 104.4, London_Unst Programme with Seth Kim-Cohen , Mark Schreiber, and the Unst Collective. Saturday, 3.30pm November 12 2005 England Edit
museum of instruments Installation Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde as part of Inter_Aktion, September 30 - December 18 2005 Denmark Edit
led nouvel (pirate drumming) Performance Palais de Justice in Nantes 2005 France Edit
urban click / social cut Web Project 2005 France Edit
Street Music Video Espace Multimedia Gantner, Bourogne 2005 France Edit
Active Refuse - exploring sanitation systems in Berlin, with a presentation at the studio of Erik Göngrich 2005 Germany Edit
opening/ closing video work Empty apartment in Berlin 2005 Germany Edit
duck duck goose Installation Ausland, Berlin 2006 Germany Edit
Phantom Radio Go-Go Installation Cafe Nöö, Halle. 2006 Germany Edit
CD=Text (psycho-acoustical speech) Audio Release Touch Radio, June 2006 2006 USA Edit
Sound/Stage Installation fa projects, London 2006 England Edit