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lives in New York and Paris. 1957-62 studied percussion under Paul Price at the Manhattan School of Music, New York. In the early 1960s, solo concerts with artists including Pierre Boulez and Karlheinz Stockhausen in Europe and the USA, in venues including the Carnegie Hall, New York;1966 «Listen,» first work as an independent artist, and «Public Supply,» first acoustic network through the WBAI New York Radio Station; in 1967 Neuhaus realized his first electro-acoustic installation «Drive-In Music» in Buffalo, New York, as a result of which he coined the presently current term «sound installation» to describe works that do not have a beginning or an end and whose structure develops in space rather than time; 1977-92 first permanent sound installation «Times Square» in the square of the same name in New York City; since then, various permanent works for museums and public venues. Neuhaus devises his sound installations for a specific space and derives his creative principles from these parameters: firstly from acoustic and other structural properties, and then from his clients' typical modes of use. Neuhaus was one of the first to realize a number of installations in particular public venues, addressing their acoustic quality not just artistically but also as a 20th century design problem. Thus for example he suggested a siren technology for US police vehicles that was safer because it could be located more precisely, and developed an alarm clock that wakes sleeping people with silence—achieving that with a tone that slowly increases in volume and then breaks off abruptly at the wake-up time
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Earle Brown, Four Systems - For Four Amplified Cymbals Performance 1964 USA Edit
Morton Feldman, The King of Denmark Performance 1964 USA Edit
John Cage, 27' 10.554 Performance 1964 USA Edit
Listen Soundwalk 1965 USA Edit
John Cage, 27' 10.554" for a Percussionist - Realization '65 Performance 1965 USA Edit
Public Supply Installation WBAI New York Radio Station 1966 USA Edit
Feed - Fontana Mix Performance 1966 USA Edit
Drive-in Music Installation 1967 USA Edit
Fan Music Installation 1967 USA Edit
Electronics and Percussion: 5 Realizations by Max Neuhaus Album Columbia Masterworks 1968 USA Edit
Water Whistle 1 Performance New York University 1971 USA Edit
Water Whistle 2 Performance Newark State College 1972 USA Edit
Water Whistle 3 Performance Midway YMCA swimming pool 1972 USA Edit
Walkthrough Installation 1973 USA Edit
Water Whistle 12 Performance Evangeline Residence for Women 1974 USA Edit
[untitled] Installation 1976 USA Edit
Radio Net Network Installation - 1977 USA Edit
Times Square Installation 1977 USA Edit
untitled Installation Museum of Modern Art 1978 Edit
untitled Installation Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art 1979 USA Edit
untitled Installation Bell Gallery 1983 Edit
untitled Installation Museum of Modern Art 1983 France Edit
Sound Line Installation 1988 Edit
A Bell for St. Cäcilien Installation 1989 Edit
Two 'Identical' Rooms Installation 1989 Edit
Sirens Project Research / Sound Design 1989 USA Edit
Two Sides of the 'Same' Room Installation 1990 USA Edit
Infinite Lines from Elusive Sources II Installation 1990 Edit
Sirens Project Drawings Research / Sound Design 1991 USA Edit
Three to One Installation Kunsthalle 1993 Switzerland Edit
Audium Article - 1994 USA Edit
›evoking the aural‹ – zeichnungen Installation sonambiente Festival, akademie der künste, Berlin, 9. august bis 8. september 1996 1996 Germany Edit
Intersection 1 Sound Installation Venice Biennial 1999 Italy Edit
Suspended Sound Line Installation 1999 Switzerland Edit
Promenade du Pin Permanent Outdoor Installation 2002 Switzerland Edit
Time Piece Graz Soundwork Landesmuseum Joannem 2003 Austria Edit
Auracle Network Sound Instrument 2004 Online Edit
Time Piece Stommeln Soundwork 2007 Germany Edit